Nikolay Darin - Iulia Putushina

General information

Nikolay Darin   (10011405)
Iulia Putushina  
Dancing for
Joined on
15 October 1999
Retired on:
17 October 1999
Current age group
Current status


29.16 October 1999East European ChampionshipStandardAdultRussia - Russia


Nikolay Iulia
Country of originRussia
I mainly live inMoscow
Profession or educationDance Sport Teacher
Preferred dancesWaltz, Quickstep
Main trainersGalchun Alexey, Cacciari Davide

That's Him!

Up Close!

How did you get into Dancesport; when did you start?

I have been sent by my mother when I was 6 years

What are the fascinations that keep you in Dancesport?

Sport, relationship between man and women, self-perfection

What are your aims in Dancesport?

Self-perfection is the first one!

Is there anything in today's Dancesport that you are worried about?

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Do you have time to meet friends outside of DanceSport?

If to be honest - unfortunately not

What would you do if you had an unexpected day off?

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Do you have talents other than dancing that nobody knows about - yet?

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What genre of movie could motivate to go to the cinema?

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Imagine you are on a deserted island!
What are the three things that you cannot imagine to be without, that you wish you had brought along?

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What are you most proud of in your sporting career or life?

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What dream would you like most to come true one day?

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What are you looking at first when you meet a stranger?

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How do you cope with stress and bad moods?

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What is your motto in life?

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