Peter Maier - Karin Maier

General information

Peter Maier   (10037008)
Karin Maier   (10037009)
Danced for
Joined on
25 August 2008
Current age group
Senior IV
Current status


Excused09 August 2016OpenStandardSenior IIIStuttgart - Germany
Excused11 August 2015OpenStandardSenior IIIStuttgart - Germany
Excused01 February 2015World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIIAntwerp - Belgium
127.513 August 2013OpenStandardSenior IIIStuttgart - Germany
63.716 February 2013OpenStandardSenior IIIDresden - Germany
87.1003 February 2013OpenStandardSenior IIIAntwerp - Belgium
83.1102 February 2013OpenStandardSenior IIAntwerp - Belgium
148.501 February 2013World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIIAntwerp - Belgium
185.517 August 2012OpenStandardSenior IIStuttgart - Germany
151.514 August 2012OpenStandardSenior IIIStuttgart - Germany
165.514 August 2012OpenStandardSenior IStuttgart - Germany
94.1129 April 2012OpenStandardSenior IIIMallorca - Spain
114.528 April 2012World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIIMallorca - Spain
101.1022 October 2011World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIIMons - Belgium
195.519 August 2011OpenStandardSenior IIStuttgart - Germany
114.516 August 2011OpenStandardSenior IIIStuttgart - Germany
239.521 August 2010OpenStandardSenior IIStuttgart - Germany
129.517 August 2010OpenStandardSenior IIIStuttgart - Germany
159.03 April 2010World ChampionshipStandardSenior IISitges (Barcelona) - Spain
37.3801 April 2010OpenStandardSenior IIISitges (Barcelona) - Spain
88.918 August 2009OpenStandardSenior IIIStuttgart - Germany


Peter Karin
Profile picture of Peter
Country of originGermany
I mainly live inGermany
Profession or educationFinancial Manager
HobbiesDancing, Golf and working in the garden
Preferred dancesSlow Walz, Quickstep
Main trainersRolandas Trembo, Thierry Ball

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How did you get into Dancesport; when did you start?

I start  at the age of 18 years, make a break between 1983 and 2007 and dance since 2008 in the Senior class III