Vukasin Prvulovic - Obradovic Katarina

General information

Man Vukasin Prvulovic   (10037425)
Woman Obradovic Katarina   (10062725)
Dancing for Serbia
Joined on 08 April 2013
Current age group Adult
Current status Active
Division General
Ranking 932. in Adult - Standard with 77 points.
1094. in Adult - Latin with 80 points.


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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26.06 December 2014World CupTen DanceAdultWetzlar - Germany
69.15 November 2014World ChampionshipStandardAdultVienna - Austria
27.4219 October 2014International OpenLatinAdultTimisoara - Romania
30.3518 October 2014International OpenStandardAdultTimisoara - Romania
31.3828 September 2014International OpenLatinAdultBelgrade - Serbia
29.4227 September 2014International OpenStandardAdultBelgrade - Serbia
18.2921 June 2014OpenLatinAdultSzeged - Hungary
21.3908 June 2014International OpenStandardAdultPodcetrtek - Slovenia
24.3907 June 2014International OpenLatinAdultPodcetrtek - Slovenia
33.7726 April 2014World OpenLatinAdultBanja Luka - Bosnia-Herzegovina
21.3926 April 2014International OpenStandardAdultBanja Luka - Bosnia-Herzegovina
42.2929 September 2013International OpenLatinAdultBelgrade - Serbia
25.3828 September 2013International OpenStandardAdultBelgrade - Serbia
20.2922 June 2013OpenLatinAdultSzeged - Hungary
57.3013 April 2013World OpenLatinAdultLjubljana - Slovenia


Vukasin Obradovic
Country of originSerbia
I mainly live inBelgrade
Profession or educationFaculty of Technology at the University in Belgrade
Main trainersMarija Prelevic, Sandra Paunovski