List of Couples

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DetailsRobert GouletGinette BourguignonCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsKam YoungRosita YoungCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsBen TamFlora YimCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsTom HuaPhung HuaCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsReginald YoungRhonda YoungCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsMarshall KramerJennifer ChanCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsAllen TorrenuevaLori YipCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsLawrence LiNancy WongCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsStephen KoBarbara KoCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsHarold LeeFlora LeeCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsClaude GuayGinette BeaulieuCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsStephen Sun Wai WooWinnie Tan-Ming WooCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsDon AdairMarian AdairCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsEdmund S K LeeTina Y L HonCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsKim LamEdith LamCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsSimon PauFrances ChiangCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsPeter KwokSue TangCanadaSenior IVActive
DetailsMichel RiouxSylvie LetendreCanadaSenior IVActive