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DetailsMarino BiglieriLaura OcchiITAMaster Class IIActive
DetailsSergio CittadiniAlessandra PetriITAMaster Class IIActive
DetailsYasufumi TsubouchiMiwa TsubouchiJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsRoberto ZaccariaLucia TurraITAMaster Class IIActive
DetailsIchiro KokubuNobuko KokubuJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsHae Yeung LeeJeong Hee BaeKORMaster Class IIActive
DetailsChoonsik ParkMiyoung KimKORMaster Class IIActive
DetailsKazuji HirayamaJunko HirayamaJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsDai KawanoKanna KawanoJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsLorenzo AlvianoSimonetta AllegrettiITAMaster Class IIActive
DetailsKazumasa TakahashiYukiko TakahashiJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsJong Woon KimSungEun JongKORMaster Class IIActive
DetailsHajime KishidaYuko KishidaJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsTeruyuki InaishiNaoko SuzukiJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsShinichi ChibaHiromi ChibaJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsHiroyuki KagoHarumi KagoJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsMasayuki YoshinoAoi MiyazakiJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsSatoshi MiyazakiNobuko ItoJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsValter GonellaDaniela TomasellaITAMaster Class IIActive
DetailsAndrea RuscitoMaddalena IannoneITAMaster Class IIActive
DetailsPatrizio PignaPatrizia DelorenzoITAMaster Class IIActive
DetailsYasushi OshimaYumiko OshimaJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsKenichi NagasawaAyako KosakaJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsKazumi HasegawaSatoko HasegawaJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsSatoru NagashimaAsumi NagashimaJPNMaster Class IActive