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List of Couples

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DetailsKazumasa TakahashiYukiko TakahashiJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsHajime KishidaYuko KishidaJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsTeruyuki InaishiNaoko SuzukiJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsShinichi ChibaHiromi ChibaJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsHiroyuki KagoHarumi KagoJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsMasayuki YoshinoAoi MiyazakiJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsSatoshi MiyazakiNobuko ItoJPNMaster Class IIActive
DetailsValter GonellaDaniela TomasellaITAMaster Class IIActive
DetailsGiuseppe MauroEsmeralda LampisITAMaster Class IActive
DetailsXiaofei LIYuhong ZhangCHNMaster Class IActive
DetailsJunichiro AkaiReiko AkaiJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsMasafumi KitamakiNaoko KitamakiJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsJong Woon KimSungEun JongKORMaster Class IActive
DetailsDonato AngelinoLuisa CosentinoITAMaster Class IActive
DetailsHideaki KurosawaAyako MitsuhashiJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsTakahiro AkitaniMiho TaharaJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsNukrop Charoensa-ardAnyarin Tantiauk-kalasakTHAMaster Class IActive
DetailsMario PalermoSara MolaITAMaster Class IActive
DetailsKazuto TanakaKanami IkedaJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsDai KawanoKanna KawanoJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsJaeWon YangJungha SunKORMaster Class IActive
DetailsDomenico SimmacoIryna SimmacoBLRMaster Class IActive
DetailsZoltan HorvathAgnes DudasHUNMaster Class IActive
DetailsLuca MagnaniSonia CorticelliITAMaster Class IActive
DetailsSergio LourencoCatia CerqueiraPORMaster Class IActive