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List of Couples

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DetailsRuslan WilderEkaterina WilderUSAMaster Class IActive
DetailsDamir AbdoulganeevMonique BroekmeulenNEDMaster Class IActive
DetailsKazumi HasegawaSachi HasegawaJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsSatoru NagashimaAsumi NagashimaJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsHideyuki AsanoHatsumi AsanoJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsSoya KikugawaNoriko KikugawaJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsMasaru NakanishiYumi NakanishiJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsAlessandro BlandinoCaterina SavonaITAMaster Class IActive
DetailsMasahito MaedaKozue MiyazakiJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsDaniele BordoneValentina PorroITAMaster Class IActive
DetailsVincenzo CiprianiBerenice Gabriela Heredia OrtizITAMaster Class IActive
DetailsKeumkang LeeSijung SongKORMaster Class IActive
DetailsKodai AnigoSatoko AnigoJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsKatsunori MimotoKaori KitahataJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsSeigi UotaniAi MiyajimaJPNMaster Class IActive
DetailsAntony Boris CoppolaMaria Grazia PattiITAMaster Class IActive
DetailsMichele RussoRita la BarberaITAMaster Class IActive
DetailsVitaly RogachevskyMaria KonusRUSMaster Class IActive
DetailsTheodor RulofsEva RulofsAUTSenior IVActive
DetailsCor ZeemanHannie ZeemanNEDSenior IVActive
DetailsCor RondaSophie RondaNEDSenior IVActive
DetailsTon KlaassenLia KlaassenNEDSenior IVActive
DetailsBram StellingAns StellingNEDSenior IVActive
DetailsMartin GeensNadia SolonBELSenior IVActive
DetailsDetlef HannemannIlse HannemannGERSenior IVActive