List of Couples

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From January 2014 onwards the new WDSF age regulations will be in effect. Please read the age groups page for details.

DetailsCheuk Fung NgTsz Yan TsangHong KongYouthActive
DetailsChi Tek NgWan Ian LouMacauJunior IIActive
DetailsKin Ming NgMing Sin ChanHong KongSenior IIIActive
DetailsSum Chun NgWai Yi LamHong KongAdultActive
DetailsYau Chuan NgChai Lee FongMalaysiaAdultActive
DetailsAndrew NguyenJacqueline PetrohayCanadaAdultActive
DetailsChi Anh NguyenNha Khanh NguyenVietnamAdultActive
DetailsDuc Hoa NguyenThi Hai Yen NguyenVietnamAdultActive
DetailsDuy Benz NguyenNelli PopovianGermanyJunior IIActive
DetailsPhat NguyenEva TrieuCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsQuang Huy NguyenKhanh Huyen HoangVietnamYouthActive
DetailsTrung Thuc NguyenNgoc Anh ThachVietnamAdultActive
DetailsPhan hien Nguyen doanLan Huong TranVietnamAdultActive
DetailsTruc Nguyen ThanhTrang Danh Nguyen ThuyVietnamAdultActive
DetailsUladzislau NiafiodauDarya HirzhonBelarusAdultActive
DetailsAdrian NicaAriadna Silvana CostacheRomaniaAdultActive
DetailsMathew NicholsonYuanxin HeAustraliaAdultActive
DetailsScott NicholsonEvgeniya GorobetsUnited StatesYouthActive
DetailsBalazs NickDorottya SerfozoHungaryAdultActive
DetailsRobert NicklasElisabeth NicklasGermanySenior IIIActive
DetailsFaber NicolaMartina GallesioItalyAdultActive
DetailsOvidiu NicolaescuRuslana BasocMoldovaJuvenile IIActive
DetailsIngo NicolausEva HerzGermanySenior IIIActive
DetailsAlessandro NicotraFederica DiPilatoItalyAdultActive
DetailsDanylo NiedielievAlina ChelpanUkraineYouthActive