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List of Couples

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DetailsHua Cheng LiLi Yan DingUSASenior IIIActive
DetailsJiajun LIYI WUCHNAdultActive
DetailsJiaming LIZiwei LICHNAdultActive
DetailsJiawen LiHan XuCHNYouthActive
DetailsKE LIYifan FeiCHNAdultActive
DetailsLawrence LiNancy WongCANSenior IVActive
DetailsLu LiQing GuoCHNAdultActive
DetailsMengdi LIChaojie XiongCHNAdultActive
DetailsMingxuan LiWanting ZhouCHNAdultActive
DetailsMingyang LIJunyao LiuCHNAdultActive
DetailsQiang LIKeying RenCHNAdultActive
DetailsRaymond LiRosa RulloAUSSenior IVActive
DetailsRuochen LiBeijia ChangCHNAdultActive
DetailsSergey LiOlga LiRUSAdultActive
DetailsShu Pui LILai Fong YeungHKGSenior IIIActive
DetailsShuai LiZhaoyu YangCHNAdultActive
DetailsWeitao LiMeng SuCHNAdultActive
DetailsWeitao LIMeng SUCHNAdultActive
DetailsXiaobo LiTong ZhaoCHNAdultActive
DetailsXiaodong LIYige ZhouCHNJunior IIActive
DetailsXiaofei LIYuhong ZhangCHNMaster Class IActive
DetailsYalong LiRuitong ZhaoCHNAdultActive
DetailsYan LIXin ChenCHNAdultActive
DetailsYaoji LiShuyang LanCHNJunior IIActive
DetailsYongze LiYawen ShaoCHNAdultActive