List of Couples

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DetailsAlexandr NeizerVera YurkinaKazakhstanYouthActive
DetailsZhengwang XieWai Kuen YungHong KongSenior IIIActive
DetailsHyeokjin KimSoyeong YunSouth KoreaYouthActive
DetailsGyuHo LeeSol YunSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsJongChan KimMyungYoung YunSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsIn Seong YukJi Sun YunSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsKristian SeseElvira YuloPhilippinesSenior IIActive
DetailsHironori YukawaTomoko YukawaJapanSenior IIIActive
DetailsTin Long CheHoi Kio YuenMacauYouthActive
DetailsXiaobo LiYingjie YuePeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsDjun KimShirley YueCanadaSenior IIActive
DetailsYoujun ZouLiang YuePeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsVitaly NesterovIrina YudinaRussian FederationAdultActive
DetailsKirill SeregichevMarina YudakhinaRussian FederationAdultActive
DetailsGary CrotazMing YuanEnglandMaster Class IActive
DetailsChaopeng HouMeng YuanPeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsHorace Fenghua HuAgnes Xiaoguang YuanCanadaSenior IIActive
DetailsThomas YuYuko Naululani YuUnited StatesSenior IIIActive
DetailsXiaoshou HuangYaling YUPeople's Republic of ChinaSenior IIActive
DetailsNeung Tim KongSuk Fong YuHong KongSenior IIIActive
DetailsLingdi MengQiuyu YUPeople's Republic of ChinaYouthActive
DetailsJunan ChenQiufan YuPeople's Republic of ChinaYouthActive
DetailsLiaolian JiangLina YuCanadaSenior IIIActive
DetailsQichang LuHaiting YuPeople's Republic of ChinaYouthActive
DetailsRoyal TsangEmily YuHong KongAdultActive