List of Couples

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DetailsSe Hyeon OhHye won leeSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsJaeHwan ParkHyeMee LeeSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsSeKyoung ParkJiEun LeeSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsBeomSu KoJiHyun LeeSouth KoreaYouthActive
DetailsChanho JungJungeun LeeSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsChangWon LeeJungIn LeeSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsHong Woh LamMichelle Yee Lin LeeMalaysiaAdultActive
DetailsDong Soo KimMin Joo LeeSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsGary TsanNicole Alexandra LeeSingaporeJunior IIActive
DetailsTae Seong ImSeul By LeeSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsTae Kyun GuSiYuel LeeSouth KoreaYouthActive
DetailsHanBin HongSoYoung LeeSouth KoreaYouthActive
DetailsHyeon You KimSu Rim LeeSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsNorwille DamasinVictoria LeePhilippinesSenior IActive
DetailsU Jin KimWoo Jin LeeSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsJaeHyun NamYoonJin LeeSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsJae Hoon ParkYoung Ha LeeSouth KoreaAdultActive
DetailsChristopher ChristensenMegan LeeseAustraliaAdultActive
DetailsKristo HuntLeena LeetmaaEstoniaJunior IIActive
DetailsJean claude FumatGenevieve LegierFranceSenior IVActive
DetailsSergey LegkovTatiana LegkovaRussian FederationSenior IIIActive
DetailsAntti-Pekka PitkanenSimone LehikoinenFinlandAdultActive
DetailsNorbert LehnertSylvia LehnertGermanySenior IIIActive
DetailsHorst LehrkeBirgit LehrkeGermanySenior IIIActive
DetailsChon Kit ChanUt U LeiMacauJunior IIActive