List of Couples

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DetailsXinyu QiaoRong LiPeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsLei ZhouSijie LiPeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsFengyue YuSirui LiPeople's Republic of ChinaYouthActive
DetailsYang ZhangTingting LIPeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsIvan AvdienkoVictoria LiRussian FederationAdultActive
DetailsJingshun ShiWei LiPeople's Republic of ChinaYouthActive
DetailsWenhao CaiYage LiPeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsJian QiaoYuanyuan LiPeople's Republic of ChinaYouthActive
DetailsShilin XuYufeng LiPeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsYao YanYuwei LiPeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsDan ChengZhenni LIPeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsLei YangZiang LiPeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsOleg RiakhovskyAlexandra LialiakinaRussian FederationYouthActive
DetailsYaroslav KondratievVlada LianRussian FederationJunior IIActive
DetailsYang ZhaoXiaowei LianPeople's Republic of ChinaYouthActive
DetailsHong ShenYujie LiangPeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsQilong WuWenqin LiaoPeople's Republic of ChinaAdultActive
DetailsDmitry TerentievDiana LiapunovaRussian FederationAdultActive
DetailsMatteo LumettaCarlotta LiardiItalyAdultActive
DetailsYury FedorenkoEkaterina LiatanskayaRussian FederationYouthActive
DetailsGiacomo LavermicoccaNoemi Vita LibertiItalyYouthActive
DetailsJenya SuvorovJenya LibmanIsraelAdultActive
DetailsNicola MagriAurora LiccardoItalySenior IVActive
DetailsSandu LupusorElizaveta LichiiMoldovaJunior IIActive
DetailsAdam HandkeAurelia LichnerowiczPolandAdultActive