Ranking of Senior I Standard

The following results are from the IDSF Open taken place in Etampes (near Paris) - France on 13 May 2006


1.Juergen Beck - Claudia KleineheismannGermany100100
2.Stephan Beth - Hélène BarbierFrance8080
3.Eric Laurencont - Armellina Iooss-LaurencontFrance7070
4.Dieter Keppeler - Manuela Schraut-KeppelerGermany6565
5.Guenther Nagel - Antje NagelGermany6060
6.Martial Nadeau - Laurence NadeauFrance5555
7.Hery Deslandes - Anne LangFrance5050
7.Alain Dermy - Anne DermyFrance5050
7.Christoph Rummel - Jutta WiessmannGermany5050
7.Gérard Masurier - Sylvie SoulignacFrance5050