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Statement on the Status of WDSF Competitions09 October 2020
B-boy Moy Has High Hopes for Breaking En Route to Paris 202409 October 2020
WRRC Takes Competition Online01 October 2020
DanceSport Makes Successful Return to Competition in Russia29 September 2020
New ECH Ten Dance Champions are crowned20 September 2020
It´s getting excited! 19 September 2020
European Championship in Ten Dance has started!19 September 2020
Against All Odds, Coppola And Maximkina Form New Couple During Lockdown17 September 2020
WDSF Presidium Publishes New Operating Policy for Pandemic Period16 September 2020
European Ten Dance Championship starts the new round of title events14 September 2020
Dutch Federation counting days till opening doors to dance world09 September 2020
WDSF Presidium approves organisation of Open European Championships07 September 2020
FDSARR President proves that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity04 September 2020
WDSF communiqué on the status of 2020 competitions19 August 2020
WDSF targets October-November for competition restart30 July 2020
Drive action in Standard28 July 2020
WDSF, Special Olympics Forging Fruitful Collaboration23 July 2020
Throwaway Oversway21 July 2020
IOC, Senegal agree to postpone YOG Dakar from 2022 to 202620 July 2020
New date set for 2021 WDSF World Breaking Championships 17 July 2020
DanceSport encyclopaedia wins prestigious Olympic literary award in Slovakia16 July 2020
TS Team Skills Formation14 July 2020
Statement from VP for Sport, Nenad Jeftic, to competition organizers, officials and NMBs14 July 2020
Professional Division taking DanceSports to new heights10 July 2020
WDSF inks 4-year extension to partnership with World Rock’n’Roll Confederation10 July 2020
Evaldas Sodeika and Ieva Zukauskatie: Rotation and Sway in Standard07 July 2020
Call for Asian candidates for the Athletes Commission07 July 2020
Call for Americas candidates for the Athletes Commission07 July 2020
Breaking: The latest on Paris 2024, Dakar 2022 and more!02 July 2020
Emanuel Valeri's Tango Tips30 June 2020
Winners of the Just Dance contest27 June 2020
Formation – A Spectacular and Ever-Growing Discipline 26 June 2020
WDSF Academy with Julie Fryer23 June 2020
Galkina and Abel back into familiar routine after two months apart19 June 2020
Quality DanceSport of 2019 on CCTV!18 June 2020
Nine couple positions and body actions in Standard16 June 2020
Love of dance will see Rock’n’Roll through difficult period: WRRC President12 June 2020
Creating and using balance09 June 2020
Social Media Provides Welcome Boost as Interest in Dancing Explodes Online05 June 2020
Posture in latin02 June 2020
Pragmatism trumps pessimism as WDSF plots path to brighter future28 May 2020
Flexibility in Standard with Dima and Olga26 May 2020
Just Dance! Join the contest and win great prizes!22 May 2020
WDSF appoints Lagardère Sports as regional media rights partner21 May 2020
Mind of a champion19 May 2020
Catching up with Kristina and Marius-Andrei17 May 2020
GOC 2020 cancelled - till we meet again in Stuttgart16 May 2020
Ashli Williamson gives advice for work – and life – under lockdown 11 May 2020
WDSF cancels 2020 Annual General Meeting03 May 2020
Reminder: Stay up to date by checking the Competition Calendar02 May 2020
Lithuanians elected to be the Golden Stars of Sport!30 April 2020
Through Crisis Comes Opportunity27 April 2020
Greetings from President Tay21 April 2020
WDSF World Breaking Championships postponed to 202107 April 2020
Dream of teleportation: best videos and lessons are coming to your home!05 April 2020
Let´s Shuffle!26 March 2020
You Did It!24 March 2020
AGM 2020 in Belgrade adjourned18 March 2020
#DontStopDancing is here!15 March 2020
Changes in competition calendar due to coronavirus10 March 2020
WDSF competitions affected due to corona virus06 March 2020
Mr. Tanabe passed away on February 29th06 March 2020
WDSF Presidium releases a notification regarding the Corona virus situation29 February 2020
WDSF Adjudicators Congress for Hip Hop, Disco Dance and Stage Dance (Performing Art)25 February 2020
An Observer to Estonian Championship this weekend20 February 2020
New WDSF Vice-President for Legal Affairs19 February 2020
WDSF Presidium took place this weekend in Belgrade.17 February 2020
2020 WDSF World Championship Senior 1 Standard - Antwerp, BEL07 February 2020
2020 World Smooth Adult I Atlanta, USA06 February 2020
Grand Slam Series 202001 February 2020
The World Games Athlete of the Year 2019 race has come to its end!31 January 2020
Electing the Oceanic representative28 January 2020
WDSF World Breaking Championship returns to Nanjing in August16 January 2020
Armen and Svetlana nominated for AOTY201907 January 2020