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  • Renew Now With A Double Reward

    If your Athlete's ID Card is expiring soon - i.e. during the first six months of 2018 - do we have a deal for you! Renew now - i.e. prior to the end of 2017 - and get double the number of "MY VERY BEST" videos for doing so: TWO!

    08/11/2017 read more ...
  • PD Anniversary Ceremony | Prague and Leipzig

    To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the WDSF Professional Division, all former PD World Champions were invited and honoured in Prague (Standard) and Leipzig (Latin).

    23/10/2017 read more ...
  • Live From Leipzig | PD World Championship Latin 

    Pavel Pasechnik - Marta Arndt from Germany win the title. Runners-up position is given to Marts Smolko - Tina Bazykina from Latvia. Hou Yao - Zhuang Ting from China achieve 3rd place.

    22/10/2017 read more ...
  • Leipzig: 2017 PD World Latin

    Our Professional Division correspondent Helmut Roland is in Leipzig, GER, to cover the 2017 PD World Latin. 34 couples are dancing at the "Leipziger Messe" venue to contest the succession of Andrey Zaytsev - Anna Kuzminskaya.

    21/10/2017 read more ...
  • Live From Leipzig |PD World Championship Latin

    International DanceSport Festival Leipzig / Germany sets the stage for 2017 PD World Championship Latin ...

    21/10/2017 read more ...
  • 2017 PD World Championship Ten Dance

    Sports De Danses Championnats Du Monde in Marseille set the stage for 2017 PD World Championship 10Dance.  Bjorn Bitsch - Ashli Williamson from Denmark win the title ahead of Alexis Bergeon - Johanna Rivier from France.

    07/10/2017 read more ...

CCM TF Announcement 18/08/2017

Sporting Authorities © Roland

The Presidential Task Force to Combat Competition Manipulation (CCM TF) has held several meetings over three days during and after the German Open Championships 2017 in Stuttgart.

In their final meeting held on Sunday 13 August, the CCM TF members have decided to implement major changes to two important aspects in the transparent and fair adjudication of WDSF DanceSport. These changes are described below. 

Nomination of Adjudicators’ Panels

The CCM TF members are aware of the problems persisting in the process of nominating adjudicators to the panels of the top-level competitions held under the auspices of WDSF. To counteract them, they have decided to change the procedure which is currently in place. From today, 18 August 2017, the CCM TF members, in coordination with the Sports Director, will suggest the composition of the panels for World Championships, Continental Championships, GrandSlam and Super GrandPrix events to the Managing Committee (MC). The MC members  will then formally approve each panel. What amounts to a system of checks and balances aims to further ensure the integrity of the nomination process. 

Debriefing Session

The CCM TF members will define the procedure and establish the parameters for a debriefing session to be held immediately following a top-level competition adjudicated with the Absolute Judging System. During such a debriefing session – whose attendance will be mandatory for all adjudicators making up the panel – the focus is kept on the scores which are awarded by each adjudicator individually throughout the competition. Each adjudicator is expected to argue the validity of assessing the performances as is reflected in his or her scores. The debriefing process is public in as far as that the arguments brought forward by the adjudicators in justification of their scores will be made available online.

Some time will be required to put this process of debriefing adjudicators in place and the sessions will first be implemented at World Championships (incl. PD) only. The pilot session is tentatively scheduled after the 2017 World Latin in Vienna, AUT, in the morning of 19 November.