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Statement regarding cancellation of senior competitions until the end of 2020

Due to the global situation at COVID-19, the VP for Sport has addressed members yesterday regarding the senior age category competitions

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October/November eyed as possible dates, subject to status of pandemic.

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Drive action in Standard

New WDSF Academy lecture by Bjorn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson

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WDSF, Special Olympics Forge Fruitful Collaboration

Moves afoot to further develop DanceSport in Special Olympics structures, including its long-awaited debut as official sport at the SO World Games.

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Throwaway Oversway

A new WDSF Academy lecture by Paolo Bosco and Silvia Pitton

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Slovak Encyclopaedia

DanceSport Encyclopaedia Wins Olympic Award

Book by WDSF Historical Committee Chair chronicles the history of dance in Slovakia.

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TS Team Skills

A lecture by Alexey Litvinov

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Bjorn Bitsch & Ashli Williamson | Drive action in Standard


This video lecture of the WDSF Academy is presented by a wonderful partnership, both in life and on the dance floor, Björn Bitch and Ashli ​​Williamson. Having recently completed their competitive career, Björn and Ashli ​​have won 10 World Championship titles, including World Professional Standard, World Professional 10-dance and World Professional Show Dance Championships. In the lecture, Björn and Ashli ​​will talk about Drive action in Standard. #WDSFacademy #WeAreDanceSport #WDSFdancesport #wdsf #standarddance

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