Frequently Asked Questions

How can I advertise on the WDSF website?

Can I advertise?

The current WDSF website policy only allows organisers of WDSF competitions and partners to publish advertisement for their events on the WDSF website.

What do I need to provide?

To start advertising we require the following:

Website address

A website address the visitor is directed to if they click on your advertising.

If you do not have an own website, the banner can be directed to the WDSF competition information page about your competition. This page can contain a downloadable registration form of further downloadable documents as seen in this example.


The banners placed on the WDSF website are designed by our graphic design specialist.
See below some recent examples.

If you prefer to provide you own banners, please send us two banners in the following sizes:

For the new website the high exposure location banner is of size:

You can also created banners in HTML5/CSS3 by using for example Google Web Designer.

Invoice address

We will send you and invoice by email. Please provide us you postal address so we can issue a correct invoice. This invoice will also contain the bank details for payment.

Once we received your payment for the invoice we will publish the banners. Please send us a payment confirmation from the bank so we can publish your banners on time.

Where does my advertising appear?

Our standard advertising package displays your banners at the following locations:

New website:

Your advertising might share this location with other advertisers and the size of your banner might vary depending on how many banners are shown during your advertisement campaign.

How much does it cost?

The costs of our standard advertising package consist of the following:

New website: Prices still to be defined.

If you plan to advertise for more than 4 month in a row we give you a 15% discount on the monthly fee.

How many clicks can I expect?

Every click on your advertising is registered in our system. At the end of your advertising campaign we will send you the total numbers of clicks on your banners. If you want more detailed information please consider using a dedicated analytics provider.

During normal website usage you can expect approx. 10-20 clicks per day. The click rate can rise up to 150 clicks per day during the publication of "Live from ..." blogs.

I'm ready to advertise! What now?

Please contact us so we can start working on your advertising campaign straight away.

Example banners

Animated banner


Static banner

Example banner
Example banner