Kim Jong Hong - Ryu Ji Ni

General information

Man Kim Jong Hong   (10041384)
Woman Ryu Ji Ni   (10042657)
Dancing for South Korea
Joined on 01 August 2009
Current age group Adult
Current status Active
Division General


33.2914 December 2013International OpenLatinAdultShanghai - People's Republic of China
46.9707 September 2013GrandSlamLatinAdultBeijing - People's Republic of China
17.11220 April 2013World OpenLatinAdultIncheon - South Korea
41.4029 August 2010International OpenLatinAdultChun Cheon City - South Korea
46.3201 May 2010International OpenLatinAdultSeoul - South Korea
36.2112 December 2009OpenLatinAdultShanghai - People's Republic of China
43.2729 August 2009International OpenLatinAdultChun Cheon City - South Korea