Wang Qingqiang - Zhang Xiaoxiao

General information
ManWang Qingqiang   (10081773)
WomanZhang Xiaoxiao   (10081772)
Dancing forPeople's Republic of China
Joined on
Retired on:08 September 2013
Current age groupAdult
Current statusRetired
60.4207 September 2013GrandSlamLatinAdultBeijing - People's Republic of China
19.13304 August 2013World OpenLatinAdultBangkok - Thailand
24.8614 July 2013World OpenLatinAdultChengdu - People's Republic of China
53.1508 December 2012International OpenLatinAdultShanghai - People's Republic of China
68.4215 July 2012GrandSlamLatinAdultChengdu - People's Republic of China