Ranking of Adult Latin

The following results are from the IDSF Open taken place in Caen - France on 24 April 2004


1.Bruno Petit - Jade GeroppFrance7070
2.Nicolas Pouget - Coralie AnfrayFrance6565
3.Fabio Notargiacomo - Silvia NotargiacomoFrance6060
4.Sascha Hohmann - Zorica JovanovikGermany5555
5.Julien Perignon - Cloé MercierFrance5353
6.Cyril Passerat - Lucie JeanneFrance5050
7.Jaromir Cremers - Myia HeerinkNetherlands4545
8.Vincent Arnault - Angélique BerthierFrance4343
9.Pierre Vallee - Marion DuguestFrance4141
10.Yannick L'Huissier - Marie SalsaFrance3939