16 June 2012


Berlin - Germany

Dear WDSF Members,

Please find enclosed the revised Provisional Agenda and all other documents relating to the 2012 AGM in Berlin on 16 &17 June 2012. Please note that we have included in the revised Agenda, the election of a new Presidium Member to fill the vacancy as a result of the resignation of Ferruccio Galvagno.

We need your response, as mentioned in the various documents, before April 16, 2012.

If you have any motion that you wish to present to the 2012 AGM, the motions must be received by the General Secretary before March 16 2012.

I highlight to members that this year we have included an Open Discussion to be held on Saturday 16 June 2012 during the Open Forum. We look forward to your participation.

Shedule of Meetings
Hotel booking form
Nomination of delegates form
Form of Proxy
Power of Attorney


All motions (ZIP - 18MB)

Member Motions

All member motions (ZIP - 4MB)
23.1 Motion from Russia
23.2 Motion from Croatia
23.3 Motion from Slovenia
23.4 Motion from Sweden
23.5 Motion from Germany (1)
23.6 Motion from Denmark
23.7 Motion from Estonia
23.8 Motion from USA (1)
23.9 Motion from USA (2)
23.10 Motion from Germany (2)
23.11 Motion from France

Presidium Motions

All Presidium's motions (ZIP - 14MB)
7. Presidium's Motion to Exclude DSFR for Membership of WDSF
7.1 Letter CNNKSR 28.03.2012
7.2. Annex A Certificate state registration original
7.2. Annex B Certificate state registration translation
7.3. Letter Russian Olympic Committee 09.04.2012
7.4. The Ministry of Sports grants Certificates of state accreditation translation
7.5. Letter to WDSF President Mr Carlos Freitag from Russian Deputy Minister of Sport 13 April 2012
7.5. Annex A Original Letter to WDSF President Mr.Carlos Freitag from Russian Deputy Minister of Sport
22.1 Presidium's Motion Ethical Codes
22.1 Annex A Letter regarding Ethical Codes
22.1 Annex B WDSF Athletes Code
22.1 Annex C WDSF Athletes Code clean version
22.1 Annex D WDSF Adjudicators Code
22.1 Annex E WDSF Adjudicators Code clean version
22.1 Annex F WDSF Statutes
22.1 Annex G WDSF Code DC
22.2. Presidium's Motion Financial Regulations
22.3. Presidium's Motion Professional Division
22.4. Presidium's Motion Competition Rules and Rulebook


All reports  (ZIP - 3.3 MB)
8. President's Report
9. First Vice-President's Report
10. Treasurer's Report
11. Sports Director's Report
12. Membership Commission's Report
13. Legal Commission Report
14. Anti-Doping Report
15. Communication's Report
16. Education Director's Report
17. PD Director's Report
A. General Secretary's Report
B. Sports Commission's Report
C. Report of Asia