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  • More Games Talk

    In her latest report filed from SportAccord in Bangkok, THA, Ashli Williamson, the Athletes' Commission chair, sums up the conversations held regarding The World Games 2021 Birmingham and GAISF's proposals for its new games.

    21/04/2018 read more ...
  • Olympism In Action

    Ashli Williamson, WDSF Athltetes' Commission chair, reports on a workshop held in Bangkok, THA, jointly between the IOC and the Association of IOC Regognised International Sports Federations, of which WDSF is a member.

    20/04/2018 read more ...
  • Day Two By Ashli

    Ashli Williamson continues reporting from Bangkok, THA, where she attends the different meetings held in conjunction with SportAccord. With the upcoming YOG being a major topic, discussions were held with the IOC.

    18/04/2018 read more ...
  • Ashli On Day One

    Ashli Williamson, the chair of the Athletes' Commission and currently member of the WDSF delegation to SportAccord in Bangkok, THA, keeps a diary on what  she sess, hears and does at this world summit of sports and business.

    17/04/2018 read more ...
  • Sixth Term For Hinder

    The executive board of the International World Games Association (IWGA) has been elected by the IWGA 2018 General Meeting in Bangkok, THA. WDSF President stood for re-election to a sixth term as IWGA Tresurer.

    16/04/2018 read more ...
  • Bangkok Bound

    A sizeable delegation of the World DanceSport Federation will soon be travelling to Bangkok, THA, for the 2018 edition of SportAccord, the "World Sport and Business Summit." WDSF President Hinder runs for the IWGA Board.

    13/04/2018 read more ...

Auguri, Presidente! 24/10/2016

Giovanni Costantino The  Elective General Meeting of the Italian DanceSport Federation FIDS produced a surprise in as far that a proper election was not even required. Giovanni Costantino was elected FIDS President by acclamation after the other two candidates - the incumbent Christian Zamblera and Antonio Anolini - had withdrawn just moments prior to the ballotting. In his acceptance speech, President Costantino thanked the delegates and made the following pledge.

"I promise to implement the electoral programme which I have submitted to you. From the first 100 days of my term you should start seeing change that has as its first priority to combat the illicit practices in DanceSport."

President Lukas Hinder congratulated President Costantino on Sunday 23 October, pointing out that the fight against competition manipulation is the overriding objective of his presidential mandate at WDSF too.

In fact, Hinder and the other members of the Task Force to Combat Competition Manipulation in DanceSport had published their "White Paper" on the very day of Costantino's election. Click here!