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    The short story on the recent World Championship Ten Dance comes in the form of a one-minute clip with a narrative that was produced together with a few others on the events held in Marseille, FRA. Do you like the format?

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  • The Full Story

    The World Ten Dance in Marseille, FRA, saw outstanding dancing in both sections. It produced worthy champions and runners-up after they completed 40 dances at the Palais des Sports. Get the 150-minute VoD show for US$ 3.75

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  • Breaking for Gold In Essen

    In just under 12 months, 12 b-boys and 12-b-girls will be "BREAKING for GOLD" at the YOG. A historic first! On Sunday 22 October, some 150 breakers from Europe and Africa will try to remain in the battle for one of the YOG places.

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  • Essen, GER, On 22 October 

    The second of the three WDSF Continental Qualifiers for BAYOG is coming up. Around 150 b-boys/girls from Africa and Europe will travel to Essen to take a shot at qualifying for the breaking events at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

    18/10/2017 read more ...
  • World Boogie Woogie Formation

    Eight Boogie Woogie formations contested the world title in Marseille, FRA. The six which made it to the final tell their stories with impressive routines, great music and colourful attires. Watch them in the 30-minute highlight.

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  • Storytelling

    In Marseille, FRA, the WDSF Communications team experimented with a new format for its coverage on DanceSport: the storytelling clip! Here is one of them: Edlund siblings from Sweden explain the passion for Boogie and Bug.

    17/10/2017 read more ...

GrandSlam Wuhan Coming Up 13/04/2016

2016 GrandSlam Wuhan © Roland Wuhan in Central China will play host to the  WDSF GrandSlam Series for the third time. Couples from abroad enjoy dancing there for many reasons: the appreciative audience, the outstanding venue, the extremely cheer- and helpful volunteers - to name but a few.

The way it looks, all foreign couples that have entered will be there too - with two exceptions. Charles-Guillaume Schmitt and Elena Salikhova, FRA, have to stand down because of a family emergency. All we can say is: "Courage, vous deux!"

Edgar Marcos and Alina Nowak, ESP, also renounce from travelling. Alina very recently underwent surgery after an appendicitis. Here we say: "Animo y recupérate pronto!"

Here is a look back at last year's GrandSlam Standard Wuhan!

f7BtOYG1pCc|2016 GrandSlam STD Wuhan | The Promo | DanceSport Total