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  • No Visa, No World Gathering 

    We start our reporting about the World Latin and the two World Championships in Showdance with what are bad news indeed. Visa issuance has unfortunately been an issue for some who had planned to be in Chengdu, CHN, this weekend. 

    22/09/2016 read more ...
  • With A View To Chengdu

    Only a few more days until the 2016 World Latin and the two World Championships ShowDance get underway in Chengdu, CHN. The upcoming weekend, 24 and 25 September, will be taken up by three events that you are able to follow from the comfort of your home.

    20/09/2016 read more ...
  • I Am A Refugee

    We start into a week that will be concluded by two World Championships ShowDance with a look back at the winning performance in Saturday's WDSF PD European Latin ShowDance in Sibus, ROU: Kathrin Menzinger and Vadim Garbuzov, AUT, as "Refugees."

    19/09/2016 read more ...
  • A Long Time Coming

    If there ever was a project that fell behind the power curve, it must be this one: Standard and Latin versions of MY VERY BEST 2015 were supposed to be released on DVD in May. Nearly five months later we are proud to offer the two compilations through Vimeo on Demand.

    16/09/2016 read more ...
  • Across The USA

    The six-part "World DanceSport GrandSlam Series" that was produced by WDSF and USA Dance has started to air across the U.S. Public broadcasting stations in nearly all major markets show the programmes during primetime hours.

    16/09/2016 read more ...
  • The Perfect Ten

    Canadians Anton Belayev and Antoaneta Popova, who just started their rookie year as professionals, win all ten dances of the 2016 PD World Cup Ten Dance in Bratislava, SVK. Heidi Goetz reports about their exploit in the first PD competition.

    15/09/2016 read more ...

InterDance's Live Coverage! 09/04/2011

Druzhba Sports Hall

IDSF correspondent Dr Helmut Roland reports that there is a live stream of the 2011 IDSF European Latin available from the InterDance website. You are able to follow the semi-finals and final in real time (i.e. GENUINE LIVE) from the leading Russian DanceSport site.

An alternative website offering the same stream is ...

Dr Roland provides us with the list of the 12 couples who have made it past the quarterfinal just now. These are the couples who very shortly will take to the floor and fight it out for the European title in the DANCESPORT DECATHLON.

Semi-Finalists of the 2011 IDSF European Ten Dance


Bitsch Bjorn – Williamson Ashli



Dvorak Martin – Silhanova Zuzana

Czech Republic


Gorodilov Konstantin – Krepchuk Yuliya



Imametdinov Timur - Nikolaeva Ekaterina



Janick Glud Lowe – Pia Engelberg Lundanes



Laszlo Csaba – Mikes Anna



Lusin Valentin – Busheeva Renata



Lyatov Volodymyr – Myshko Veronika



Radvan Cristian – Seliverstova Tatiana



Slon Vladimir – Zubrowska Bianka



Treijs Karlis – Krivoshejeva Anastasia



Miha Vodicar - Nadiya Bychkova