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  • Qualification system for Breaking at WUG

    The qualification system for Breaking at the World Urban Games was recently approved, with a quota capping the number of participants at 32 - 16 b-girls and 16 b-boys.

    23/05/2019 read more ...
  • New Adjudicators 

    Belgrade, Serbia, hosted an Adjudicator Congress for Hip Hop, Disco and Stage Dances under the WDSF

    20/05/2019 read more ...
  • Highlights of the weekend in Yerevan and in Moscow

    New World title holders and World Cup winners were crowned during the weekend.

    20/05/2019 read more ...
  • DanceSport events on three continents

    There are WDSF World Ranking events hosted on three continents from Friday to Sunday. The 2019 WDSF World Championship U21 Ten Dance in Yerevan (ARM) highlights the weekend.

    16/05/2019 read more ...
  • In memoriam Peter Pover

    The WDSF Presidium has received the sad news of the passing of former WDSF President and longstanding USA Dance President Mr. Peter Pover.

    14/05/2019 read more ...
  • Saturday night in Salaspils

    Two WDSF Continental Cup events during the weekend.

    13/05/2019 read more ...

Konstantin and Dominika Going Strong 13/05/2019

2019 European Cup Latin Salaspils | © Helmut Roland

Saturday night in Salaspils was not only about Standard, it was also about Latin. The 2019 WDSF European Cup Latin had 24 couples starting the first round. As the evening schedule had the European Championship Standard and the European Cup Latin in turn, the loud Baltic crowd had so much to enjoy. And they delivered!

The reigning Ten Dance World Champions, Konstantin Gorodilov – Dominika Bergmannova (EST) received another huge trophy to their trophy case, as they dominated the whole competition from start to finish. However, the battle for the silver medal was very tight between the Russians Maxim Elfimov – Evgenia Churikova and the Italians Vito Coppola – Oona Oinas. Although Vito and Oona scored better in three dances and tied in one, the first dance (Cha Cha, which started the final as the first solo dance) was the one which determined the silver medals to the Russians. In the end, the difference in scores after all five dances was only 0.05 points. Jokubas Venckus – Migle Klupsaite (LTU) ranked fourth, Zsolt Sandor Cseke – Malika Dzumaev (GER) ranked fifth and Maksym Kravchenko – Paula Kukute (LAT), the home crowd favourites, ranked sixth.

The European Cup was not the only Continental Cup during the weekend. Guizhou (CHN) hosted the 2019 WDSF Asian Cup Latin on Saturday, and Standard on Sunday. The 2019 WDSF Asian-Pacific Champions from last week continued their strong season and took home their second titles in a week. Yan Bangbang – Du Yujun (CHN) dominated the Asian Cup in Latin while Qiu Yuming – Wei Liying (CHN) won all five dances and secured the Asian Cup title in Standard.

In Baricella (ITA), Andres Liiv – Kristin Vaha (EST) won the WDSF International Open Standard and Andrey Gusev – Vera Bondareva (RUS) won the International Open Latin. At the same time in Moscow (RUS), Dmitry Pleshkov – Anastasia Kulbeda (RUS) won the gold medals of the WDSF International Open Standard, while Dmitry Kulebakin – Daria Sviridenko (RUS) dominated the International Open Latin.

In Toronto (CAN), Karl Aniscenko – Dayana Nikon (CAN) were presented the gold medals of the WDSF International Open Latin. In Zabrze (POL), Armand Fazullin – Klaudia Iwanska (POL) won the WDSF Intenational Open Latin. The competition calendar for the weekend was completed with WDSF Open competitions in Kharkiv (UKR) and in Livorno (ITA).

The title events continue already next weekend with the 2019 WDSF World Championship U21 Ten Dance in Yerevan (ARM) and WRRC World Cup Rock’n’Roll and Boogie Woogie Main Class in Moscow (RUS). And, a week after that we will report live from Paris (FRA), from the 2019 WDSF European Championship Latin and 2019 WRRC European Championship Rock’n’Roll Main Class Freestyle.

RvVLw_VsXhQ|Gorodilov - Bergmannova, EST | 2019 European Cup LAT Salaspils | R1 C