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  • Let´s shuffle! 

    Already miss the competition mood? Here it comes! Everyone´s invited!

    26/03/2020 read more ...
  • YOU DID IT! #DontStopDancing spread all over the World!

    We receive more and more! We are alive and active!

    24/03/2020 read more ...
  • message from the world dancesport federation

    Information concerning the AGM in Belgrade has been sent to members.

    18/03/2020 read more ...
  • challenge to all of us: #dontstopdancing !

    #DontStopDancing AT HOME! We are sure that most of you did not!

    15/03/2020 read more ...
  • Changes in competition calendar due to coronavirus

    Due to exceptional circumstances related to the coronavirus outbreak many organisers are forced to postpone the events to a later date (still to be defined).

    10/03/2020 read more ...
  • Wdsf events affected by coronavirus

    Many of the WDSF competitions are affected due to the corona virus epidemic in some geographic areas. Follow the updates!

    06/03/2020 read more ...

Let´s Shuffle! 26/03/2020


The response we have received with #DontStopDancing is very touching indeed.
 It´s   great and hopeful to watch you all dancing at home. For all of us, this might be one of the most important missions nowadays: staying at home preventing this virus from spreading any further. 

From the WDSF we want to thank you all for joining in this proposal as we are convinced that when we keep doing the things we love the most, it will eventually save us, even though we are all staying with our families, closest people around us, calling our grannies and waving hellos to our neighbors.

You are more than welcome to keep on sending us your videos, showing you best moves at home and we will continue sharing them on our digital platforms and for those of you, who already desperately miss the competition mood, here it is: a Shuffle Dance competition!!

Why Shuffle Dance? Because you don´t need a large space to practice it - only a couple of square meters is enough. And besides, shuffling won´t give advantage to anyone in particular, not to the ones dancing Standard, nor to the ones that do Latin, B-Boys, Disco, Boogie Woogie or Rock n´Roll. All are welcome and challenged! Let´s start the rhythm!

So, dance and laugh at home! That is a way of taking care of ourselves and others, share your moves and good vibes!

#DontStopDancing. Share your passion, teach others, dance on your own, dance with your parents, dance with your pet, dance with your roommate, just #DontStopDancing. Let´s keep on spreading the rhythm – everyone is welcome!

How can I compete? 
1.     Put your mobile on a chair, on the floor... so it stays still  
2.     Shoot a video between 15-30 seconds of yourself shuffling
3.     Publish the video on your profile with the #dontstopdancing and #WDSFShuffle hashtags
4.     Share the video with us together with your profile link
5.     The videos with the most likes will get into the final
6.     And remember: nothing will be more contagious and healthy than a good dancing video!
Let´s stay all in touch! Let´s shuffle!

rHMOYBoNtvc|WDSF Shuffle comp strats from here!