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New ECH Ten Dance Champions are crowned 20/09/2020

European Ten Dance Championship in Aarhus, Denmark, was clearly a success in many ways. It was without a doubt a glorious day for the gold medalists, Semen Khrzhanovskiy – Elizaveta Lykhina (RUS), who led the competition from the beginning, winning all the ten dances. Last year the Russians were second, and during the last years they have been reigning World Champions in Ten Dance, both in Under 21-  and Youth categories. So, obviously Semen and Elizaveta have found a good flow in their development. Congratulations to both!

Silver medalists, Earle Williamson – Veronika Myshko (UKR), brightened their last year´s bronze, and they were challenged by Earle´s siblings, Errol Williamson - Amy Williamson (DEN), placing third in final ranking.

There was a nice set of newcomers on the final list as well. Lithuanians, Einoras Degutis – Ugle Bliujute, ranked 4th, didn´t take part to ECH in 2019, but they danced to the quarterfinal in 2018. Joyful surprise was also the Finnish couple Gleb Bannikov – Ada Varstala (5th), dancing their first adult title event together, and taking Finland to ECH Ten Dance final for the first time since Vainomaa – Savikurki in 2016. Slovakian couple Matej Stec – Elena Popova (6th) are also well known from Show Dance Standard, where they have reached silver and bronze medals in European and World Championships.

We are sure, that from the organiser´s point of view, the positions on the podium were also a great reward, as Ashli Williamson and his husband Bjorn Bitsch were working really hard to make the event happen.

Organizers made their best to provide all necessary safety measures so all officials and dancers could feel safe to enjoy this Title Event as we usually do. I have to recognize the strong determination of the organizing committee, after postponing the event two times and even changing location. Despite all difficulties, the event took place and this was a success”, said VP for Sport, Nenad Jeftic, who also acted as the competition chair in Aarhus.

The hall was beautifully decorated with chandeliers and table seats. But, in everything, safety came first.

Nenad Jeftic shared his feelings after the competition: “ It was a really emotional moment for everybody. Couples were starving to complete, adjudicators eager to perform their duties, staff and public made the evening vibe. After six very long months behind us without competitions, this Championship gave us hope.


WDSF Communication team member, Dr Helmut Roland, was following the event on-site with his camera. We are able to see more pictures and videos in galleries, social media, and on YouTube.