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  • Gabi And Anna @ Sportel

    Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus, two-time World Champions in the Latin American dances, visit Monaco and Sportel 2016, the Sports Marketing and Media Convention, on 25 October. There they showcase top-level DanceSport.

    24/10/2016 read more ...
  • New President For FIDS

    The Italian DanceSport Federation FIDS held its ordinary Elective General Meeeting on Saturday 22 October in Rome. Standing unopposed after the other two candidates had withdrawn, Giovanni Costantino was elected by acclamation.

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  • Combat Competition Manipulation | White Paper

    The members of the Presidential Task Force to Combat Competition Manipulation in DanceSport publish a "White Paper" that should serve as the basis to their discussions on and their efforts in improving integrity in DanceSport.

    22/10/2016 read more ...
  • Better Late Than Never

    At long last, the WDSF Communications team releases the second of its "My Very Best 2015" programmes: the Latin Edition. To say that it is merely a compilation of the very best Latin dancing during 2015 doesn't do it justice! It's more: it shows you the human side of it all!

    21/10/2016 read more ...
  • 2016 World Formation Standard

    The WDSF Sports Director advises the Member Bodies that the 2016 World DanceSport Championship Standard Formation will take place in Pécs, HUN, on 4 December. Another major event saved in less than one week!

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  • Meet The Elite

    The 2016 World Champions Latin, Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus, MDA, will be present at this year's SPORTEL convention in Monaco and showcase DanceSport to the leaders in the sports marketing and media industry.

    19/10/2016 read more ...

Sports And Media 24/10/2016

Gabriele Goffredo - Anna Matus © Roland Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus, two-time World Champions in the Latin American dances, visit Monaco and Sportel 2016, the Sports Marketing & Media Convention, on Tuesday 25 October. There they showcase top-level DanceSporrt at an exclusive after-party following the presentation of the Sportel Awards.  

Saturday 21 November 2015 was the day when the sporting careers of Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus reached the highest level imaginable for an athlete in DanceSport. It was on that day and in Vienna, AUT, that they were proclaimed World Champions in the Latin American dances. Not that they didn’t get to similar heights before – they were World Games Champions in 2013 and won the GrandSlam Final in 2014 – but this time it was different. It launched them on a trajectory that was unlike the ones they had experienced in the past, when after every peak came – almost inevitably – a valley that needed to be crossed in terms of results. This victory kept them at cruising altitude and undefeated ever since. Even more: on 24 September 2016 they defended their World Champion title in Chengdu, CHN. 

What’s next for the couple that represents Moldova in competition but resides and trains in Italy? This coming weekend they could dance the fifth and last of the regular legs in the GrandSlam Series 2016 that’s held in Barcelona, ESP. But with four GrandSlam victories to their credit, they have qualified already for the “Showdown in Shanghai,” the season-ending Final in December, and will likely skip Spain altogether. Who knows, they may decide to stay a little longer in Monaco?

Gabi and Anna are brought to the Principality by The Monaco DanceSport Association (MDSA), the member body of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), to showcase their glamorous style of interpreting the Latin dances to the Sportel 2016 attendants. WDSF thanks MDSA President Cherry Kingston and Vice-President Nicole Bertellotti for making this possible. The two dancers will be presented at “Jimmy’z” (Monte-Carlo Sporting Club) by Peter Maxwell, a World Champion himself, a renowned DanceSport trainer and an important mentor in the couple’s career. The performance is scheduled to start at 11 p.m.

In the afternoon, from 3 p.m., Gabi and Anna are at the Grimaldi Forum, the venue of Sportel, where they will give interviews to the press – just like some of the World Champions in other sports - Rugby, Modern Pentathlon, etc. - who are also invited to Sportel.

Immediately following their win at the 2016 World Championship in Chengdu, the two dancers made statements about the importance that exposure through the media has in the continued growth of their sport.

tYI4UnGJa14|Goffredo - Matus, MDA