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  • The Night of The Legends

    It was awards night at Sportel yesterday. The best television images and the best books in sports were recognised by juries made up of outstanding athletes, true sports legends, who assigned the 12 prizes to the winners. And then it was the turn of Peter, Gabi and Anna ...

    26/10/2016 read more ...
  • Gabi And Anna @ Sportel

    Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus, two-time World Champions in the Latin American dances, visit Monaco and Sportel 2016, the Sports Marketing and Media Convention, on 25 October. There they showcase top-level DanceSport.

    24/10/2016 read more ...
  • New President For FIDS

    The Italian DanceSport Federation FIDS held its ordinary Elective General Meeeting on Saturday 22 October in Rome. Standing unopposed after the other two candidates had withdrawn, Giovanni Costantino was elected by acclamation.

    24/10/2016 read more ...
  • Combat Competition Manipulation | White Paper

    The members of the Presidential Task Force to Combat Competition Manipulation in DanceSport publish a "White Paper" that should serve as the basis to their discussions on and their efforts in improving integrity in DanceSport.

    22/10/2016 read more ...
  • Better Late Than Never

    At long last, the WDSF Communications team releases the second of its "My Very Best 2015" programmes: the Latin Edition. To say that it is merely a compilation of the very best Latin dancing during 2015 doesn't do it justice! It's more: it shows you the human side of it all!

    21/10/2016 read more ...
  • 2016 World Formation Standard

    The WDSF Sports Director advises the Member Bodies that the 2016 World DanceSport Championship Standard Formation will take place in Pécs, HUN, on 4 December. Another major event saved in less than one week!

    21/10/2016 read more ...

WDSF DanceSport Academy Workshop 21/03/2012

WDSF Academy Workshop

Conscious Use and Selection of Music is a dance improvisation workshop that opens an insight to music from a perspective of a dancer.

It gives an interesting and fresh way of seeing the relationship between music and dance, providing the fine tools to create and perform dance to music. For beginners up to experts in any dance genre.

The experience of the workshop on Conscious Use and Selection of Music gives participants an excellent base to extrapolate from as they continue researching the proposded concepts, and to connect them with other information.

The workshop enriches participant’s personal artistic development.

The Content

Through theoretical and practical comparison of the parameters (duration, pitch, amplitude, timbre) and elements (rhythm, articulation, dynamics, melody, harmony, instrumentation, texture and ambiance) of music with measurable characteristics of dance (a body in movement, shape of a body and efforts: space, time, force and flow), participants learn to understand what music and dance share and what separates them, learn to physically translate music into dance and to create a dialogue between music and dance.

Form and Implementation

The workshop on Conscious Use and Selection of Music is an open field of exploration and discovery, held in a relaxed atmosphere and led by Ivan Mijacevic. He proposes practical exercises and leads a discussion over a proposed theme. He supports and leads the group as well as each participant individually, and encourages participants to share their opinions.

The workshop on Conscious Use and Selection of Music is divided in four 90-minute sets.


Set One: Parameters and Elements of Music

Pedagogical methods: Lecture, discussion, and auditory and visual observation.


Set Two: Individual Maps of Music and Dance

Pedagogical methods: Group exercises, lecture, discussion, and auditory and visual observation.


Set Three: Body Connectivity

Pedagogical methods: Exercises in couples, lecture, discussion, and auditory and visual observation.


Set Four: A Dialogue with Structure

Pedagogical methods: Exercises in couples, lecture, discussion, and auditory and visual observation.


Date:   Monday, 9 April 2012

Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Obtain more information and register here!