Alberto Lopez Ranal - Noelia Rey Argibay

General information

Alberto Lopez Ranal   (10097076)
Noelia Rey Argibay   (10117448)
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Current age group
Current status

27. in Adult - Ten Dance with 77 points

193. in Rising Stars - Latin with 34 points

236. in Adult - Latin with 282 points

294. in Adult - Standard with 164 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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17.7530 March 2024International OpenLatinAdultCambrils - Spain
16.18 February 2024World Challenge CupLatinRising StarsLyon - France
20.7818 February 2024International OpenStandardAdultLyon - France
14.17 February 2024World Challenge CupStandardRising StarsLyon - France
28.4717 February 2024International OpenLatinAdultLyon - France
Excused07 January 2024OpenStandardRising StarsMadrid - Spain
17.3407 January 2024OpenLatinRising StarsMadrid - Spain
31.9006 January 2024World Open (new series)LatinAdultMadrid - Spain
26.8606 January 2024World Open (new series)StandardAdultMadrid - Spain
11.11711 November 2023International OpenLatinAdultCalvia - Spain
Registered10 November 2023OpenStandardRising StarsCalvia - Spain
Registered10 November 2023OpenLatinRising StarsCalvia - Spain
10.7727 October 2023OpenTen DanceAdultPlatja d'Aro - Spain
22.4508 April 2023International OpenLatinAdultCambrils - Spain
7.8107 April 2023OpenTen DanceAdultCambrils - Spain
8.08 January 2023OpenStandardRising StarsCossirano di Trenzano (BS) - Italy
16.7008 January 2023International OpenLatinAdultCossirano di Trenzano (BS) - Italy
9.07 January 2023OpenLatinRising StarsCossirano di Trenzano (BS) - Italy
18.6507 January 2023International OpenStandardAdultCossirano di Trenzano (BS) - Italy
10.11620 November 2022International OpenStandardAdultCalvià - Spain
10.5019 November 2022OpenLatinAdultCalvià - Spain