Stage Dance

Modern/Contemporary dance

Team performing Stage Dance The Modern/Contemporary dance discipline stems from a rebellion against the classical technique. The dance is an interpretive routine and can be defined as a free-style dance, and should incorporate balance, control and extensions moves. It uses the entire body, all possible body movements, creating new shapes, bringing new compositions and room for experiment. Experimental or original technique and choreography are encouraged, but the basic technique is and remains essential. The use of gravity should predominate, which is expressed in ‘grounded’ dancing and modern floor work. The modern techniques stem from Limon, Cunningham, Graham, Laban, Duncan among others.

Jazz Dance

Team performing Stage Dance Originally Jazz Dance was designed to entertain and may refer to Vernacular Jazz or Broadway or Theatrical Jazz; therefore, the basic steps have a showy feel to them. The Vernacular Jazz can be danced as Lindy Hop and for example Charleston. The Broadway and Theatrical Jazz is the foundation of the Stage Dance. Bob Fosse is one of the persons who popularized the style.

Jazz technique includes isolations, lay outs, turns, kicks, jumps, turns, pas du bourré, jazz hands, alignment, placement, stretches, use of port de bras, jazz walks, … as some of the typical movements. As many influences encircle Jazz Dance, other styles may be incorporated into the Jazz Dance, but they may never dominate the acknowledged Jazz Dance Styles.

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