Alex Zampierollo - Yulia Podshivalova

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Alex Zampierollo   (10004199)
Yulia Podshivalova   (10014930)
Danced for
Joined on
01 September 2005
Retired on:
31 August 2008
Current age group
Current status


6.20912 January 2008International OpenLatinAdultMadrid - Spain
16.10916 August 2007GrandSlamLatinAdultStuttgart - Germany
2.24808 July 2007International OpenLatinAdultBologna - Italy
6.20901 July 2007International OpenLatinAdultBarcelona - Spain
1.11921 April 2007OpenLatinAdultMikolajki - Poland
2.20 April 2007European Union ChampionshipLatinAdultMikolajki - Poland
8.12214 April 2007International OpenLatinAdultMegéve - France
8.16231 March 2007International OpenLatinAdultBrno - Czech Republic
12.10518 February 2007GrandSlamLatinAdultBassano del Grappa - Italy
1.10913 January 2007OpenLatinAdultMadrid - Spain
1.16007 October 2006International OpenLatinAdultLa Valetta - Malta
40.4717 August 2006GrandSlamLatinAdultStuttgart - Germany
15.8609 July 2006GrandSlamLatinAdultBarcelona - Spain
8.15330 June 2006International OpenLatinAdultCervia - Italy
5.08 April 2006International OpenLatinAdultEvry - Russia
5.21008 April 2006International OpenLatinAdultEvry - France
7.7711 March 2006OpenLatinAdultRimini - Italy
3.14017 September 2005International OpenLatinAdultOslo - Norway


Alex Yulia
Profile picture of Alex
Country of originItaly
I mainly live inItaly - but I dance for Latvia
Profession or educationGeometrician
Marital statusIn a relationship with Jessica Intravia (source: facebook)
HobbiesFishing, playing poker with friends, gardening.
Personal strengthsTo take everything with a smile on my face
Main trainersLucio Cocchi

That's Him!

"Want" is "Can" ...

Alex Zampierollo - Elza Pole, LATAlex Zampierollo - Elza Pole represent Latvia in international competition. Together they intend to leave their lasting mark on DanceSport.

How did you get in contact with DanceSport? Social dancing classes in school.

What are the fascinations that keep you in DanceSport? The possibility to be in touch with so many different, good looking, interesting people from countries all over the world, to travel to the competitions everywhere, and to be involved in a sport that is an art in the same time

What is your aim in DanceSport? To reach the success.

Is there something in DanceSport today that worries you? That people in dancing see only the business and loose the sense of for the essence of dance.

Do you have time to meet friends? Of course! You can't live with only dancing.

What would you do if you have - unexpectedly -  a day off?  That's impossible!

What kind of movie could motivate you to go to the cinema? Action, horror!

Imagine you are on a deserted island. What are the three things you would want to have with you, you cannot imagine to live without? 1st: no swimwear; 2nd: PiƱa Colada, 3rd: sunglasses.

Do you have other talents that nobody knows so far? I'm good at cooking.

What are you most proud of?  Our ability to sooner or later reach our goals.

Which of your dreams would you like most to come true? To leave our marks on the future world of dance.

If you meet a person you don't know, what do you look at first? It's all about the eyes!

How do you cope with stress and a bad mood? I seperate myself from the world around me.


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