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Damir Haluzan   (10011607)
Tadeja Haluzan   (10011608)
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08 November 2004
Retired on:
31 December 2008
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18.7614 December 2008International OpenStandardAdultMaribor - Slovenia
24.4913 December 2008International OpenLatinAdultMaribor - Slovenia
22.07 December 2008OpenStandardAdultVarazdin - Croatia
22.6007 December 2008International OpenStandardAdultVarazdin - Croatia
20.6006 December 2008International OpenLatinAdultVarazdin - Croatia
43.3815 November 2008International OpenLatinAdultVienna - Austria
3.7208 November 2008OpenStandardAdultSrbac - Bosnia and Herzegovina
11.9608 November 2008International OpenLatinAdultSrbac - Bosnia and Herzegovina
10.4926 October 2008OpenStandardAdultZagreb - Croatia
10.6426 October 2008OpenLatinAdultZagreb - Croatia
18.6728 September 2008International OpenStandardAdultBeograd - Serbia
20.6527 September 2008International OpenLatinAdultBeograd - Serbia
31.2407 September 2008OpenStandardAdultCervia - Italy
17.3506 September 2008OpenLatinAdultCervia - Italy
4.5507 June 2008OpenLatinAdultKrsko - Slovenia
22.5903 May 2008International OpenLatinAdultIzola - Slovenia
16.8026 April 2008International OpenLatinAdultZagreb - Croatia
12.8819 April 2008International OpenLatinAdultBanja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina
10.11913 April 2008International OpenLatinAdultTrnava - Slovakia
36.4106 April 2008International OpenStandardAdultBrno - Czech Republic
31.3729 March 2008International OpenLatinAdultRimini - Italy
57.1628 March 2008International OpenStandardAdultRimini - Italy
10.5909 March 2008OpenStandardAdultSubotica - Serbia
11.5308 March 2008OpenLatinAdultSubotica - Serbia
26.4017 February 2008International OpenLatinAdultBassano del Grappa - Italy
34.4510 November 2007International OpenStandardAdultPieve Di Cento - Italy
24.4830 September 2007International OpenStandardAdultBelgrade - Serbia
19.7029 September 2007International OpenLatinAdultBelgrade - Serbia
23.4909 September 2007International OpenLatinAdultBratislava - Slovakia
25.4208 September 2007International OpenStandardAdultBratislava - Slovakia
22.5008 July 2007International OpenLatinAdultBologna - Italy
14.6024 June 2007International OpenStandardAdultSarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina
13.7023 June 2007International OpenLatinAdultSarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina
27.4610 June 2007International OpenLatinAdultSzombathely - Hungary
1.6309 June 2007OpenLatinAdultKrsko - Slovenia
22.5705 May 2007International OpenLatinAdultIzola - Slovenia
1.28 April 2007International OpenStandardAdultBanja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina
1.9128 April 2007OpenStandardAdultBanja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina
9.12428 April 2007International OpenLatinAdultBanja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina
11.4622 April 2007OpenStandardAdultZagreb - Croatia
26.21 April 2007OpenLatinAdultZagreb - Croatia
26.4421 April 2007International OpenLatinAdultZagreb - Croatia
40.4218 February 2007GrandSlamLatinAdultBassano del Grappa - Italy
5.10 December 2006OpenLatinYouthMaribor - Slovenia
9.09 December 2006OpenStandardYouthMaribor - Slovenia
22.5309 December 2006International OpenLatinAdultMaribor - Slovenia
19.02 December 2006OpenLatinAdultVarazdin - Croatia
5.02 December 2006OpenLatinYouthVarazdin - Croatia
19.6302 December 2006International OpenLatinAdultVarazdin - Croatia
55.1618 November 2006International OpenLatinAdultVienna - Austria
2.11 November 2006OpenLatinYouthZagreb - Croatia
14.8124 September 2006International OpenLatinAdultBelgrade - Serbia
44.4118 June 2006GrandSlamLatinAdultOstia - Italy
4.5503 June 2006OpenLatinAdultMostar - Bosnia and Herzegovina
22.5306 May 2006International OpenLatinAdultIzola - Slovenia
26.23 April 2006OpenStandardYouthWels - Austria
12.22 April 2006OpenLatinYouthWels - Austria
8.21 April 2006OpenTen DanceYouthWels - Austria
4.09 April 2006OpenStandardYouthBjelovar - Croatia
16.6709 April 2006International OpenLatinAdultBjelovar - Croatia
4.08 April 2006OpenLatinYouthBjelovar - Croatia
9.4708 April 2006OpenStandardAdultBjelovar - Croatia
34.1801 April 2006OpenStandardAdultSofia - Bulgaria
9.7201 April 2006OpenLatinAdultSofia - Bulgaria
46.19 February 2006OpenLatinAdultBassano del Grappa - Italy
46.3119 February 2006International OpenLatinAdultBassano del Grappa - Italy
6.11 December 2005OpenStandardYouthMaribor - Slovenia
12.10 December 2005OpenLatinYouthMaribor - Slovenia
33.10 December 2005International OpenLatinAdultMaribor - Slovenia
33.3910 December 2005International OpenLatinAdultMaribor - Slovenia
8.03 December 2005OpenLatinYouthVarazdin - Croatia
22.4803 December 2005International OpenLatinAdultVarazdin - Croatia
10.4305 November 2005OpenLatinAdultZagreb - Croatia
20.14 August 2005OpenStandardYouthLeipzig - Germany
20.13 August 2005OpenLatinYouthLeipzig - Germany
90.20 June 2005OpenLatinAdultServia - Italy
90.1820 June 2005International OpenLatinAdultCervia - Italy
16.08 May 2005OpenStandardYouthIzola - Slovenia
37.3508 May 2005International OpenStandardAdultIzola - Slovenia
21.07 May 2005OpenLatinYouthIzola - Slovenia
35.3907 May 2005International OpenLatinAdultIzola - Slovenia
34.24 April 2005OpenLatinYouthWels - Austria
6.23 April 2005OpenTen DanceYouthWels - Austria
21.22 April 2005OpenLatinJunior IWels - Austria
21.22 April 2005OpenStandardYouthWels - Austria
21.2417 April 2005OpenStandardAdultBjelovar - Croatia
16.6916 April 2005International OpenLatinAdultBjelovar - Croatia
14.12 December 2004OpenStandardYouthMaribor - Slovenia
13.11 December 2004OpenLatinYouthMaribor - Slovenia
2.04 December 2004OpenStandardYouthVarazdin - Croatia
10.04 December 2004OpenLatinYouthVarazdin - Croatia
17.2206 November 2004OpenLatinAdultZagreb - Croatia
26.30 April 2004OpenStandardYouthWels - Austria
10.14 December 2003OpenLatinJunior IIMaribor - Slovenia
10.13 December 2003OpenStandardJunior IIMaribor - Slovenia


Damir Tadeja
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That's Him!

You Will Do It!

Damir Halužan - Anna Mashchyts, SLOHow did you get in contact with DanceSport ?

I start with dancing because my older sister already was dancing. This was about 13 years ago and so I'm still dancing.

What is the fascination that you are still involved in DanceSport ?

I'm just in love with dancing,… for me it is like a drug. When you start you can't stop. 

What is your aim in DanceSport ?

To dance in such way that also after ten years people could remember my dancing, my personality and character on the floor. To be unique on the dance floor.

Is there something in DanceSport nowadays that you are worried about ?

I'm worried about that dancing goes in two directions, … IDSF and WDC. 

How long are you dancing ?

I'm dancing around 13 years.

Who is your main trainer ?

My main teacher is Daniela Škofic Novak. 

Where do you mainly live ?

I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. But I'm coming from small town Rogaška Slatina.

Do you have time to meet friends ?

Yes, I can say that I meet with my best friends.

Your education, job :

I study Pharmacy on University of Ljubljana.

What are you going to do if there is - completely unexpected -  a free day for you ?

Hmmm,.. I don't know. I don't have a free day=)) Probably  I will sleep very long,.. and then probably I will visit my family and go somewhere, where I haven't been yet. 

Do you have any hobbies  beside dancing ?

I realy like playing football, I was training it for 8 years. But nowadays I don't find time for this, ... only to watch some football matches.

Do you have other talents which nobody knows so far ?

I'm so sustained sportsman,.. so probably I can do any sports for which I'd decide for. 

Which kind of movie could you motivate to go to the cinema ?

I like the most comedy.

Imagine you are on a lonley island. What are the 3 most important things you would take with you or you cannot imagine to live without ?

I will take water, a lot of food and one boat, that when I will have eaten and drunk everything I can turn back to normal life.

What are you most proud of ?

I'm most proud of my family, that they raised me like I am.

Which of your dreams would you like most to come true ?

I have a lot of dreams,… And I hope all will come true.

If you meet a person you don`t know, what hits your eyes ?

On what smile she has. But on the other hand, he or she has to be respectful, hardworking, positive and prepare to listen.

How do you cope with stress and bad mood ?

That I think on nothing,… and try to breath normal. When I am in bad mood I also think on what I already done and what I already have in my live,… and I am positive again. 

What are your personal strengths ?

Hardworking, sustained, positive and … I'm good looking =)))

What is your motto in life ? 

If you work enough hard and you really want to achieve that goal, ... YOU WILL DO IT ... whatever you want.


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