Edgar Sztuce Vel Stuzmania - Gemma Dominguez Garcia

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Edgar Sztuce Vel Stuzmania   (10063543)
Gemma Dominguez Garcia   (10073796)
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06 September 2018
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Current status

107. in Adult - Standard with 1191 points

285. in Adult - Latin with 431 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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7.19 September 2020European ChampionshipTen DanceAdultAarhus - Denmark
7.25207 March 2020International OpenStandardAdultMalta - Malta
8.26716 February 2020International OpenStandardAdultLyon - France
20.15009 February 2020World Open (new series)StandardAdultAntwerp - Belgium
15.16715 December 2019World OpenStandardAdultRiga - Latvia
27.4714 December 2019International OpenLatinAdultRiga - Latvia
39.30 November 2019World ChampionshipStandardAdultVilnius - Lithuania
20.9817 November 2019International OpenLatinAdultKaunas - Lithuania
13.19716 November 2019World Open (new series)StandardAdultKaunas - Lithuania
15.26 October 2019World ChampionshipTen DanceAdultMoscow - Russia
19.13013 October 2019World OpenLatinAdultElblag - Poland
15.15812 October 2019World OpenStandardAdultElblag - Poland
19.07 June 2019European ChampionshipTen DanceAdultKosice - Slovakia
31.11 May 2019European ChampionshipStandardAdultSalaspils - Latvia
21.12821 April 2019World OpenStandardAdultCambrils - Spain
61.3420 April 2019World OpenLatinAdultCambrils - Spain
11.12214 April 2019International OpenLatinAdultLivorno - Italy
18.8813 April 2019International OpenStandardAdultLivorno - Italy
Excused10 March 2019International OpenLatinAdultBrno - Czech Republic
36.9009 March 2019World OpenStandardAdultBrno - Czech Republic
2.10511 January 2019OpenTen DanceAdultBenidorm - Spain
32.3816 December 2018International OpenLatinAdultRiga - Latvia
20.13615 December 2018World OpenStandardAdultRiga - Latvia
29.10311 November 2018World OpenStandardAdultWarsaw - Poland
23.10410 November 2018World OpenLatinAdultWarsaw - Poland
6.21614 October 2018International OpenStandardAdultBilbao - Spain
3.10412 October 2018OpenTen DanceAdultBilbao - Spain


Edgar Gemma
Profile picture of Edgar
Country of originPoland
I mainly live inValencia (Spain)
Started dancing inwhen I had 6 years old
Profession or educationBachelor of Geoinformatics
Preferred dancesall of them, actually it depends of the day
Main trainersLorena Costa, Guillem Pascual, Raimonds Pisevs