Florian Oesterreicher - Jacqueline Mokrzycki

General information

Florian Oesterreicher   (10112330)
Jacqueline Mokrzycki   (10089959)
Dancing for
Joined on
12 April 2019
Current age group
Senior I
Current status

386. in Adult - Standard with 107 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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141.2310 August 2023GrandSlamStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany
98.09 August 2023OpenStandardRising StarsStuttgart - Germany
72.4002 July 2023World Open (new series)StandardAdultWuppertal - Germany
43.01 July 2023OpenStandardRising StarsWuppertal - Germany
Excused21 May 2023International OpenStandardAdultBrno - Czech Republic
21.1715 April 2023OpenStandardAdultWroclaw - Poland
27.26 February 2023OpenStandardRising StarsVosendorf - Austria
37.2725 February 2023International OpenStandardAdultVosendorf - Austria
Excused30 October 2022World Open (new series)StandardAdultBrno - Czech Republic
26.3625 September 2022International OpenStandardAdultVosendorf - Austria
29.4304 September 2022International OpenStandardAdultBratislava - Slovakia
Excused03 July 2022World Open (new series)StandardAdultWuppertal - Germany
Excused02 July 2022OpenStandardRising StarsWuppertal - Germany
40.2914 May 2022International OpenStandardAdultFrankfurt - Germany
71.3419 September 2021World Open (new series)StandardAdultBrno - Czech Republic
8.29 May 2021ClosedStandardAdultVösendorf - Austria
50.3108 March 2020World Open (new series)StandardAdultBrno - Czech Republic
37.8201 December 2019World OpenStandardAdultMaribor - Slovenia
20.17 November 2019OpenStandardRising StarsVienna - Austria
68.3516 November 2019World Open (new series)StandardAdultVienna - Austria
Registered22 September 2019OpenStandardRising StarsBratislava - Slovakia
Registered22 September 2019OpenViennese Waltzall age groupsBratislava - Slovakia
54.3522 September 2019World OpenStandardAdultBratislava - Slovakia
31.3116 June 2019International OpenStandardAdultSzeged - Hungary
59.3019 April 2019World OpenStandardAdultBerlin - Germany