Guenther Stampfl - Marianne Richter-Pabst

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Guenther Stampfl   (10019412)
Marianne Richter-Pabst   (10111931)
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16 February 2017
Current age group
Senior IV
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419. in Senior IV - Standard with 23 points


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About these rankings

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Present14 August 2024OpenStandardSenior IVStuttgart - Germany
82.1310 August 2023OpenStandardSenior IVStuttgart - Germany
61.1022 July 2023OpenStandardSenior IVVienna - Austria
86.1211 August 2022OpenStandardSenior IVStuttgart - Germany
97.509 August 2022OpenStandardSenior IVStuttgart - Germany
58.1123 July 2022OpenStandardSenior IVVienna - Austria
94.1215 August 2019OpenStandardSenior IVStuttgart - Germany
238.613 August 2019OpenStandardSenior IIIStuttgart - Germany
113.413 April 2019OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
73.1013 April 2019OpenStandardSenior IVVienna - Austria
210.507 August 2018OpenStandardSenior IIIStuttgart - Germany
125.507 April 2018OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
209.508 August 2017OpenStandardSenior IIIStuttgart - Germany


Guenther Marianne
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Country of originGermany
I mainly live inA small village north of Munich
Profession or education(Marketing) Communications Consultant
Preferred dancesSlow Foxtrott
Main trainersChristian Stangl

That's Him!

Up Close!

How did you get into Dancesport; when did you start?

Already in early youth I was fascinated by dancing.

I loved Fred Astaire movies, ballroom music of the big band era, and watching ballroom competitions in TV whenever possible.

Mid/end of the 70's I spent almost all of my leisure time in dancing studio, longing to join that fascinating world of Dancesport.

But life had other plans for me. I gave up dancing for more than twenty years, married, became father of three wonderful children, got divorced...

One day I felt it was time for a change in my life and I came back to dancing. Beginning anew with dancing school, I met my first partner. Together we passed all levels of dance classes and then went for competitive dancing.

Having reached the level to participate in WDSF competitions, the dream of my youth came true: I am part of that fascinating world of Dancesport!


What are the fascinations that keep you in Dancesport?

In his auto-biography “Music was my first love”, the famous German dancer and coach Oliver Wessel-Therhorn subsumes my feelings about DanceSport (and, of course, his own) in one sentence:
<Gerade dieser Traum Marke Hollywood, das Auftreten der Paare und die Eleganz des gesamten Umfelds, machten das Turniertanzen aus.> (Particularly that Hollywood-style dreaming, the couples’ demeanor and the elegance of the surroundings, that’s what ballroom dancing stands for.)


What are your aims in Dancesport?

To enhance our dancing skills and to give pleasure to our audience.


Is there anything in today's Dancesport that you are worried about?

The pursuit of increasing sportiness and drive bears the risk to loose elegance and musical expression.


Do you have time to meet friends outside of DanceSport?

Of course there are friends outside of Dancesport, too. A few, at least.


What would you do if you had an unexpected day off?

Having extra practice...


Do you have talents other than dancing that nobody knows about - yet?

Writing novels and short stories, photographing, cooking…


What genre of movie could motivate to go to the cinema?

Any kind of movie that is supposed to touch either my brain or my heart – or both of them.


Imagine you are on a deserted island!
What are the three things that you cannot imagine to be without, that you wish you had brought along?

My partner, a chest full of good books, and a Swiss army knife.


What are you most proud of in your sporting career or life?

My two sons and my daughter.


What dream would you like most to come true one day?

You better beware of your dreams and wishes, sometimes they’ll come true.


What are you looking at first when you meet a stranger?

The eyes, ‘cause eyes always tell the truth.


How do you cope with stress and bad moods?

High spirits, a thick skin and from time to time a glass of old red wine.


What is your motto in life?

<Nicht dem Leben mehr Jahre, sondern den Jahren mehr Leben geben.>  
It's not about adding more years to one's life, but adding more life to one's years.
(Curd Jürgens, German actor)