Jakub Zarybnicky - Veronika Hegrova

General information

Jakub Zarybnicky   (10068620)
Veronika Hegrova   (10117854)
Dancing for
Czech Republic
Joined on
09 September 2021
Current age group
Current status

229. in Rising Stars - Latin with 39 points

110. in Rising Stars - Standard with 85 points

552. in Adult - Latin with 84 points

382. in Adult - Standard with 120 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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Excused15 June 2024OpenStandardRising StarsSzeged - Hungary
Excused15 June 2024International OpenLatinAdultSzeged - Hungary
Excused19 May 2024International OpenLatinAdultBrno-Šlapanice - Czech Republic
Excused19 May 2024OpenStandardAdultBrno-Šlapanice - Czech Republic
16.7321 April 2024International OpenStandardAdultNice - France
22.4520 April 2024International OpenLatinAdultNice - France
8.8520 April 2024OpenStandardRising StarsNice - France
Excused10 December 2023International OpenLatinAdultGliwice - Poland
Excused10 December 2023OpenStandardRising StarsGliwice - Poland
29.4709 December 2023International OpenStandardAdultGliwice - Poland
20.3909 December 2023OpenLatinRising StarsGliwice - Poland
Excused26 November 2023World Open (new series)LatinAdultTimisoara - Romania
Excused26 November 2023World Open (new series)StandardAdultTimisoara - Romania
Excused05 November 2023International OpenLatinAdultUsti nad Labem - Czech Republic
Excused04 November 2023International OpenStandardAdultUsti nad Labem - Czech Republic
31.2827 August 2023International OpenStandardAdultHradec Králové - Czech Republic
21.3926 August 2023International OpenLatinAdultHradec Králové - Czech Republic
34.3621 May 2023International OpenLatinAdultBrno - Czech Republic
28.3521 May 2023International OpenStandardAdultBrno - Czech Republic
28.3822 April 2023International OpenLatinAdultLarnaca - Cyprus
18.7022 April 2023International OpenStandardAdultLarnaca - Cyprus
Excused28 January 2023World Open (new series)LatinAdultPforzheim - Germany
41.7025 September 2022World Open (new series)StandardAdultPrague - Czech Republic
35.9025 September 2022World Open (new series)LatinAdultPrague - Czech Republic
24.5028 August 2022International OpenStandardAdultHradec Kralove - Czech Republic
32.3027 August 2022International OpenLatinAdultHradec Kralove - Czech Republic
25.3522 May 2022International OpenStandardAdultBrno - Czech Republic
20.8022 May 2022International OpenLatinAdultBrno - Czech Republic
32.1911 December 2021OpenLatinAdultZagreb - Croatia
19.3111 December 2021OpenStandardAdultZagreb - Croatia
15.2606 November 2021OpenTen DanceAdultUsti nad Labem - Czech Republic
67.3419 September 2021World Open (new series)StandardAdultBrno - Czech Republic
52.3018 September 2021World Open (new series)LatinAdultBrno - Czech Republic