Kirill Novikov - Yaroslava Kuznetsova

General information

Kirill Novikov   (10068570)
Yaroslava Kuznetsova   (10068574)
Dancing for
Joined on
13 December 2017
Current age group
Current status

237. in Adult - Standard with 240 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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1.24002 December 2023International OpenStandardAdultAstana - Kazakhstan
9.17 September 2023World CupStandardAdultChengdu - People's Republic of China
35.7721 November 2021World Open (new series)LatinAdultElblag - Poland
25.9821 November 2021World Open (new series)StandardAdultElblag - Poland
26.20 November 2021World ChampionshipTen DanceAdultElblag - Poland
32.3901 December 2019International OpenStandardAdultVilnius - Lithuania
51.30 November 2019World ChampionshipStandardAdultVilnius - Lithuania
Excused26 October 2019GrandSlamStandardAdultMoscow - Russia
Excused25 October 2019GrandSlamLatinAdultMoscow - Russia
14.13805 May 2019World OpenStandardAdultShijiazhuang City - People's Republic of China
6.04 May 2019Asian Pacific ChampionshipStandardAdultShijiazhuang City - People's Republic of China
25.1210 March 2019OpenLatinAdultNovosibirsk - Russia
4.9409 March 2019OpenStandardAdultNovosibirsk - Russia
3.24 February 2019OpenStandardRising StarsMoscow Region - Russia
43.2224 February 2019International OpenStandardAdultMoscow Region - Russia
45.7618 November 2018World OpenStandardAdultVienna - Austria
64.17 November 2018World ChampionshipStandardAdultVienna - Austria
61.1508 April 2018International OpenLatinAdultChelyabinsk - Russia
59.1907 April 2018International OpenStandardAdultChelyabinsk - Russia
67.3825 February 2018World OpenStandardAdultMoscow Region - Russia
103.724 February 2018International OpenLatinAdultMoscow Region - Russia
52.1417 December 2017International OpenStandardAdultMoscow - Russia
64.1416 December 2017International OpenLatinAdultMoscow - Russia