Martino Zanibellato - Elisa Nasato

General information

Martino Zanibellato   (10081443)
Elisa Nasato   (10004534)
Danced for
Joined on
19 June 1998
Retired on:
06 May 2001
Current age group
Current status


9.05 May 2001International OpenLatinAdultIzola - Slovenia
5.07 April 2001OpenLatinAdultEvry - France
6.10 December 2000OpenLatinAdultVerona - Italy
10.19 November 2000International OpenLatinAdultVienna - Austria
15.18 November 2000International OpenLatinAdultBratislava - Slovakia
29.11 November 2000OpenLatinAdultSlagharen - Netherlands
5.17 September 2000OpenLatinAdultMilano - Italy
34.08 September 2000International OpenStandardAdultMiami - United States
2.06 February 2000OpenLatinAdultBassano del Grappa - Italy
4.04 December 1999OpenLatinAdultItaly - Italy
25.13 November 1999International OpenLatinAdultNetherlands - Netherlands
3.06 November 1999OpenLatinAdultPradamano - Italy
1.30 October 1999OpenLatinAdultMerano - Italy
5.19 September 1999International OpenLatinAdultItaly - Italy
29.18 September 1999International OpenStandardAdultItaly - Italy
50.24 August 1999International OpenLatinAdultGermany - Germany
4.20 September 1998International OpenLatinAdultMilano - Italy
25.20 June 1998International OpenLatinAdultCervia - Italy

That's Him!

Quitters never win and winners never quit!

Martino Zanibellato - Michelle Abildtrup, DEN © RolandTheir motto keeps Danish couple Martino Zanibellato and Michelle Abildtrup at the top of their game: the Latin dances. Martino and Michelle answered a few more questions on their quest to be among the world's best ...

How did you get in contact with DanceSport?  My parents were both dancing and they took me to a dance school. I have been dancing since I was 13.

What are the fascinations that keep you in DanceSport? The emotions and motions shared betweeen two people. And, of course, the music!

What is your aim in DanceSport? To fulfil our feeling for music and movement.

Is there something in DanceSport today that worries you?  The political issues take too much focus away from the development of the couples and dance itself.

Do you have time to meet friends? Once in a while, yes, but we have very good friends amongst the dancers. We meet them very often, either during training or in competitions.

What would you do if you have - unexpectedly -  a day off?  Just relax!

What kind of movie could motivate you to go to the cinema? Anything from funny to scary! Just to have a chance to go to the cinema would be great.

Imagine you are on a deserted island. What are the three things you would want to have with you, you cannot imagine to live without? My computer, Starbucks coffee and some pasta!

Do you have other talents that nobody knows so far? Not really!

What are you most proud of?  We are proud of having achieved most of our personal goals in DanceSport so far.

Which of your dreams would you like most to come true? For our families and ourselves to have good health, and  to be able to touch people with our dancing.

If you meet a person you don't know, what do you look at first? The personality, the simplicity ...

How do you cope with stress and bad moods? They are both part of the life we choose to live, so we talk about our problems or go for a long walk.


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