Tom Erik Nilsen - Pia Lundanes Loewe

General information

Tom Erik Nilsen   (10001471)
Pia Lundanes Loewe   (10060554)
Danced for
Joined on
15 August 2002
Retired on:
10 November 2002
Current age group
Current status


38.2009 November 2002International OpenStandardAdultAssen - Netherlands
14.4617 August 2002International OpenLatinAdultOslo - Norway
7.10016 August 2002International OpenStandardAdultOslo - Norway

That's Her!

How did you get in contact with Dancesport ?

We both started dancing at our local dancing schools when we were kids. Pia started when she was 3 years old in Norway, and Janick when he was about 10 years old in Denmark.

 What ist the fascination that you are still involved in Dancesport ?

The combination af dancing as an artform where a man and a woman move together to beautiful music and the sportive side of it, since we are both very competitive people.

 What is your aim in Dancesport ?

Our aim in dancing is to maximize our potential and become the best possible dancers we can be. We would like to be able to entertain people with our dancing and to develop our knowledge within the technique and principles of dancing.

 How long are you dancing ?

We have danced together for 6½ years.

 Where do you mainly live ?

We live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Do you have time to meet friends ?

Of course, most of our friends are from the dancing world, so we meet them when we travel around the world for competitions and practise. Otherwise we try to find time to see our other friends and family once in a while.

Your education, job :

Janick finished his education as a Furniture Designer about a year ago and is now running the web-shop which is selling  dancing shoes and practise wear for dancers. Pia has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and International Management and is currently studying a Master Degree in Finance and Strategic Management at Copenhagen Business School.

What are you going to do if there is - completely unexpected -  a free day for you ?

Relax and enjoy life together

 Do you have any hobbies  beside dancing ?

We both very much like to play golf in the summer and to go skiing in the winter.

 Imagine you are on a lonley island. What are the 3 most important things you would take with you or you cannot imagine to live without?

Each other, music and chocolate..

 How do you cope with stress and bad mood ?

Fortunately we are rarely stressed and in a bad mood at the same time, so we try to encourage and support each other.

 What are your personal strengths ?

Our personal strengths are that we are both determined and know what we want. We are very disciplined and structured which enables us to work efficiently towards our goals. At the same time we have a very close relationship with each other and communicate and co-operate very well.

 What is your motto in life ?

Nothing is worth doing, unless everybody says it is impossible...