Yanosh Maziuta - Sofiia Kozar

General information

Yanosh Maziuta   (10122462)
Sofiia Kozar   (10133410)
Dancing for
Joined on
28 February 2020
Current age group
Junior II
Current status

252. in Junior II - Latin with 98 points

123. in Junior II - Standard with 207 points

369. in Youth - Standard with 88 points


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About these rankings

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9.23 September 2023Children Grand PrixStandardJunior IISzombathely - Hungary
7.23 September 2023Children Grand PrixLatinJunior IISzombathely - Hungary
Registered09 September 2023Children Grand PrixStandardJunior IIOstrava - Czech Republic
Registered09 September 2023Children Grand PrixLatinJunior IIOstrava - Czech Republic
6.20702 September 2023OpenStandardJunior IISamorin - Slovakia
17.9802 September 2023OpenLatinJunior IISamorin - Slovakia
8.04 June 2023Children Grand PrixStandardJunior IIKosice - Slovakia
11.04 June 2023Children Grand PrixLatinJunior IIKosice - Slovakia
17.8803 June 2023OpenStandardYouthKosice - Slovakia
Excused26 February 2023Children Grand PrixLatinJunior IIVosendorf - Austria
Excused25 February 2023Children Grand PrixStandardJunior IIVosendorf - Austria
Registered04 September 2022Children Grand PrixStandardJunior IBratislava - Slovakia
Registered04 September 2022Children Grand PrixLatinJunior IBratislava - Slovakia
Registered03 September 2022Children Grand PrixStandardJunior IIBratislava - Slovakia
Registered03 September 2022Children Grand PrixLatinJunior IIBratislava - Slovakia
7.11 June 2022OpenStandardJunior ISzeged - Hungary
5.11 June 2022OpenLatinJunior ISzeged - Hungary
6.07 November 2021OpenStandardJunior IUsti nad Labem - Czech Republic
8.07 November 2021OpenLatinJunior IUsti nad Labem - Czech Republic
9.28 August 2021OpenLatinJunior ISzeged - Hungary
8.28 August 2021OpenStandardJunior ISzeged - Hungary
Registered08 March 2020Children Grand PrixLatinJuvenileBrno - Czech Republic
Registered07 March 2020Children Grand PrixStandardJuvenileBrno - Czech Republic


Yanosh Sofiia
Profile picture of Sofiia
Country of originUkraine
I mainly live inUkraine
Started dancing inUkraine
Profession or educationpupil
Marital statusnot marriad
Hobbiesdance and play piano
Other sports-
Preferred dancesSamba\Chacha\Jive
Personal strengthsSelf-independent, kind and joyful
Main trainersOleksadra Mysko
MoreDance is my passion!

That's Her!

Up Close!

How did you get into Dancesport; when did you start?

I started when I was 4

What are the fascinations that keep you in Dancesport?

It's my passion. I feel great joy and energy while dancing

What are your aims in Dancesport?

To be the unique and make a history

Is there anything in today's Dancesport that you are worried about?


Do you have time to meet friends outside of DanceSport?


What would you do if you had an unexpected day off?

That's will be a day full of fun with my family

Do you have talents other than dancing that nobody knows about - yet?

my play on piano

What genre of movie could motivate to go to the cinema?

Cartoons about faries

Imagine you are on a deserted island!
What are the three things that you cannot imagine to be without, that you wish you had brought along?

Water, my Dance-dress and sunglasses

What are you most proud of in your sporting career or life?

I proud to have sucj=h a great family who belives in me every single day

What dream would you like most to come true one day?

OMG... I want to visit Disney Land))

What are you looking at first when you meet a stranger?


How do you cope with stress and bad moods?


What is your motto in life?

Baby, everything will be fine. Just believe!