Yusuf Mihaylov - Elena Simonova

General information

Yusuf Mihaylov   (10125917)
Elena Simonova   (10125916)
Dancing for
United States
Joined on
Current age group
Senior III
Current status

121. in Senior III - Standard with 625 points


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About these rankings

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Present01 June 2024OpenStandardSenior IIIBremen - Germany
Present31 May 2024World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIIBremen - Germany
1.24017 February 2024OpenStandardSenior IIIDunwoody - United States
18.12927 August 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIHradec Králové - Czech Republic
Excused26 August 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIHradec Králové - Czech Republic
23.13323 July 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
27.12321 July 2023OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
1.24014 January 2023OpenStandardSenior IIINewark - United States
2.21626 November 2022OpenStandardSenior IIINew Orleans - United States
44.9514 October 2022World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIIRotterdam - Netherlands
18.15324 July 2022OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
22.14722 July 2022OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
35.10802 July 2022OpenStandardSenior IIIWuppertal - Germany
26.24 July 2021OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
18.23 July 2021OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
1.27028 February 2020OpenStandardSenior IIIFort Lauderdale - United States
1.27031 January 2020OpenStandardSenior IIIAtlanta - United States
2.21626 October 2019OpenStandardSenior IIIRosemont - United States
47.9813 August 2019OpenStandardSenior IIIStuttgart - Germany
1.30028 June 2019OpenStandardSenior IIINew Orleans - United States
4.19809 February 2019OpenStandardSenior IIIFort Lauderdale - United States


Yusuf Elena
Country of originRussia
I mainly live inUSA, Florida
Started dancing inRussia