WDSF Adjudicators congress


26 May 2021


On-line - Virtual


The registration is closed.


15.00 CET (Central European Time)
This congress caters to the European and American region.


The Congress is open only to licensed WDSF adjudicators.

This congress is relevant to the fulfillment of educational requirements for licensed WDSF adjudicators for a period of two years.

Information for WDSF adjudicators

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New applicants can attend these congresses as one of the two congresses that they need to attend to obtain a WDSF adjudicator license. As this congress does not include other required information such as the judging system and the responsibilities of WDSF adjudicators, new applications must attend a second congress that fulfills these requirements at a later time.

No test will be available during this congress.


Fabio Selmi, Italy‚Ä®
Alexey Silde, Russia


15.00-15.10 - Introduction to the Congress
15.10-16.00 - (Fabio Selmi, Italy) Analysis of qualities of Slow Foxtrot with special emphasis on:
                     1. Identification of correct swing movement
                     2. Identification of timing and order of foot and body actions
16.00-16.15 -  Questions 
16.15-16.30 -  Break
16.30-17.20 - (Alexey Silde, Russia) Analysis of qualities of Jive with special emphasis on:
                     1. Identification of correct basic Jive foot work and actions which include Chasse, Swing and Rock actions, kicks and flicks.
                     2. Identification of timing differences 
17.20-17.35 -  Questions 
17.35           -  End of the congress

The congress will be held online through the Zoom platform. Participants will need a free version of the program.

To participate in the congress, it is required to register and pay a registration fee of 100 CHF, after which the detailed instructions for participation in the congress will be sent by email.