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Taipei - Chinese Taipei from 19/10/2019 to 20/10/2019

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  • Closing date:Sep. 18, 2019
  • Entry website:
  • Overseas couples entry fee:each section couple NTD$3,000, add NTD$1,500 for every one per extra section. / Each solo athlete NTD$1,500, NTD$500 per extra section.
  • V.I.P sponsor performance:NTD$50,000
  • Athlete registration: online entry form application and online payment.
  • Each Solo group should include minimum 6 athletes, each couple group should include minimum 3 couples. The organizer reserves the right to cancel groups that do not meet the minimum requirement.
  • There will be no rematch allowed.
  • The organizer will provide 2 nights accommodation in the official hotel for each championships couple.
  • There will be no shuttle bus provide for athletes, but the transportation guidance is provide at the airport.
  • The organizer will only provide two coach passes for each country, please apply before Sep. 18, 2019, as membership country through e-mail.
  • No change is allowed after entry is completed.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make final changes and interpretations to the event program.
  • English version please click "EN" in the upper right corner
  • 報名截止日期:2019年9月18日
  • 報名網址:
  • 海外選手報名費:雙人組新臺幣3,000元,加賽每組新臺幣1,500元;單人組新臺幣1,500元,加賽每組新臺幣500元 
  • 國內雙人組報名費:具中華舞總官網有效選手資格之隊伍,報名費新臺幣3,000元,可享優惠報名4組不加價,第5組起每加賽1組加收新臺幣1,000元。未具前述條件者:報名費新臺幣3,000元,每加賽1組加收新臺幣1,500元。
  • 國內單人組報名費:具中華舞總官網有效選手資格之選手,報名費新臺幣1,500元,可享優惠報名2組不加價,第3組起每加賽1組加收新臺幣500元。
  • 未具前述條件者:報名費新臺幣1,500元,每加賽1組加收新臺幣500元。"
  • 大會貴賓表演:新臺幣50,000元 。
  • 選手報名繳費方式:一律採線上報名繳款。
  • 開賽門檻:單人組別未滿六位選手、雙人組別未滿三對選手,大會有權保留取消該組別之權利。
  • 選手不得以任何形式要求大會重賽。
  • 大會提供每對錦標賽選手二晚指定飯店之住宿。
  • 大會不提供任何交通補助。
  • 每個國家只提供兩張教練證,並需於9月18日前由會員國以電子郵件提出申請。
  • 完成報名後,大會不接受任何更改變動之申請。
  • 大會保有最終修改與解釋之權利。
  • 中華臺北的選手報名臺北國際公開賽的部份,請先於世總網站報名,無需在paypal繳款,
  • 再至中華舞總官網報名及付款後,才算完成報名。


Taipei - Chinese Taipei from 19/10/2019 to 20/10/2019

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Open Standard Adult Confirmed results available

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Open Latin Adult Confirmed results available