Online Congress Attendance Requirements

  1. Set your display name to your full name on zoom and include your country code; e.g. ESP - Pepito Alvarez
  2. Keep your camera switched on throughout the entire congress so that your attendance can be noted.
  3. Login to your zoom account via your WDSF registered email address to have your attendance taken.
  4. Please login using only 1 device during the congress.
  5. Please login with your own device and not share a device with another attendee.
  6. Kindly refrain from doing other irrelevant activities (not related to the congress) during the congress to not create distractions.
  7. The payment for the congress is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  8. Please ensure your microphone is muted to prevent disruptions to the congress.
  9. No recording of the congress is permitted.