How do I change country

The Rules

The change of country or "transfer" is regulated by the WDSF Competition Rules, specifically:

  • D-2.2.4 - General procedure and WDSF WorldRanking blocking
  • D-2.2.3 - WDSF Championship and Cup blocking

How do i make a transfer?

Contact your current and new WDSF member federtation and ask them to initate your transfer in the WDSF Registration and Licensing System (RLS).
Once both countries agree about your transfer you will be able to prepresent your new country immediatelly with the exception as mentioned above.

Do I need a new WDSF e-Card?

Once your transfer was accepted by both countries your WDSF e-Card app will be updated automatically. Should this not happen then you can just refresh the licenses page in the WDSF e-Card app and you should see your new membership.

ATTENTION! DO NOT apply for a new WDSF e-Card! The MIN you have had in your previuous country is still valid in your new one.