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The last World Championship titles of the year up for grabs13 December 2019
The first Executive Committee meeting of the DanceSport Asia Limited (DSA)11 December 2019
WDSF welcomes Breaking’s inclusion at Youth Olympic Games Dakar 202204 December 2019
Call for Oceanic candidates for the Athletes Commission02 December 2019
Reaching the Goals25 November 2019
A Week of the Future22 November 2019
2019 WDSF World Championship Youth Latin, Vienna (AUT)18 November 2019
Series of WDSF Competition Series, part 2/315 November 2019
Series of WDSF Competition Series, part 1/315 November 2019
Vienna (AUT) and Kaunas (LTU) events highlight the week15 November 2019
Russian Open Breaking Championships 201913 November 2019
Bjorn Bitsch - Ashli Williamson (DEN), one more time11 November 2019
2019 WDSF PD World Championship Ten Dance08 November 2019
New WDSF PD World Show Dance Standard and Latin Champions04 November 2019
2019 WDSF PD World Championship Show Dance Standard and Show Dance Latin01 November 2019
Bjorn Bitsch - Ashli Williamson (DEN) announcement27 October 2019
Zharkov-Kulikova and Untu-Baryshnikova continue to reign21 October 2019
2019 WDSF PD World Championship Standard | Leipzig, GER18 October 2019
The first WDSF Sports Series event in Singapore16 October 2019
New WDSF World and European title holders14 October 2019
2019 WDSF PD European Championship Standard | Chisinau, MDA14 October 2019
Title events every day from Friday to Monday11 October 2019
New World Champions were crowned on four locations07 October 2019
DanceSport Asia Limited officially recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia05 October 2019
Three WDSF World Championship events plus one WRRC World Championship event03 October 2019
The Latin Sports Presentation at WUG02 October 2019
World Champions in Koper, European Champions in Kharkiv30 September 2019
World and European title events, plus a lot more!26 September 2019
Urban Latin in Singapore24 September 2019
2019 WDSF World Championship U21 Latin | Chengdu (CHN)23 September 2019
2019 WDSF European Championship Youth Ten Dance | Bratislava (SVK)22 September 2019
Youth Ten Dance and U21 Latin highlight the weekend19 September 2019
A Short Look Back at Last Weekend in Europe16 September 2019
Victor and Ami crowned World Urban Games champions14 September 2019
Breaking off to spectacular start at 1st World Urban Games13 September 2019
Livestreams also from Moscow and Prague13 September 2019
The World Urban Games set to begin in Budapest (HUN)12 September 2019
Femke and Hanna Geared Up for the 2019 WDSF World Championship Disco Dance10 September 2019
Goffredo-Matus (MDA) Secure Their Fifth World Title02 September 2019
2019 WDSF PD World Championship Latin, Bangkok (THA)29 August 2019
WDSF World Open (new series) in Tallinn and WDSF Sports Series Games Qualifiers in Singapore28 August 2019
DanceSport Asia Limited (DSA) Gives WDSF's Asian Member Bodies a Strong Voice in WDSF and in Asia27 August 2019
The Sports Series Games Qualifiers in Singapore24 August 2019
B-girl Csepke and B-boy Klash pumped for World Urban Games with 1 month to go14 August 2019
2019 WDSF PD Super GrandPrix Standard | Stuttgart (GER) on Thursday, August 15th09 August 2019
Live from Hsinchu (TPE)09 August 2019
2019 WDSF PD Super GrandPrix Latin | Stuttgart (GER) on Tuesday, August 13th08 August 2019
All the main WDSF events go to DanceSportTotal.com02 August 2019
2019 WDSF World Championship Disco Dance | Belgrade (SRB)02 August 2019
WDSF Open Salsa | Cali (COL) on 8 September 201926 July 2019
Live from Oklahoma City (USA)26 July 2019
PD Representative at the WDSF Athletes' Commission25 July 2019
Breaking Set for a Debut at World Urban Games24 July 2019
World Cup Standard | Da Lian (CHN)22 July 2019
World Cup Standard (CHN) and World Open New Series (BIH)19 July 2019
World Ten Dance Champions shift to Latin17 July 2019
Combined Adjudicators'/Athletes' Congress in Stuttgart16 July 2019
2019 WDSF World Championship Disco Dance16 July 2019
New Member in WDSF Athletes' Commission16 July 2019
Breaking events in Sochi (RUS) in June10 July 2019
A Look Back at the Weekend08 July 2019
July Events Begin With Wuppertal And Batumi05 July 2019
WDSF Adjudicators Congress for Salsa 5-6th of September 201902 July 2019
Recap of the Weekend30 June 2019
Multi-disciplined Weekend in DanceSport27 June 2019
IOC Session votes for Breaking’s inclusion at Paris 202425 June 2019
Ami, Menno crowned 2019 World Breaking Champions23 June 2019
WDSF World Breaking Championship 2019 medalists are here!23 June 2019
The result for top 4 b-girls and top 8 b-boys are out! 23 June 2019
Top 16 b-girls and top 32 b-boys results23 June 2019
Happy Olympic Day!23 June 2019
B-boys and b-girls are ready for the battle!22 June 2019
Global Breaking scene to converge in Nanjing for WDSF World Championship19 June 2019
2019 WDSF World Championship Senior II Ten Dance17 June 2019
2019 WDSF World Championship Senior II Ten Dance14 June 2019
Watch the WDSF World Breaking Championship live on the Olympic Channel!13 June 2019
Mr Tony Tilenni (AUS) appointed as the WDSF First Vice-President11 June 2019
WDSF Annual General Meeting in Budapest (HUN)10 June 2019
Championship Events in Kosice (SVK)10 June 2019
Mr Jim Fraser (CAN) appointed as an Honorary Member of the WDSF10 June 2019
Mr Jeffrey van Meerkerk proposed the approval of the Presidium´s work for the past 12 months09 June 2019
WDSF Outstanding Service Awards were presented on Saturday Gala Dinner09 June 2019
Live stream from Kosice (SVK)07 June 2019
A lot is happening in the world of DanceSport this weekend06 June 2019
New Chair of the Adjudicators Commission appointed02 June 2019
DanceSport Demonstrations at Gold Coast, AUS29 May 2019
Qualification system for Breaking at World Urban Games unveiled23 May 2019
Adjudicator Congress for WDSF Hip Hop, Disco Dance and Stage Dance held in Belgrade20 May 2019
2019 WDSF World Championship U21 Ten Dance in Yerevan (ARM)20 May 2019
2019 WDSF World Championship U21 Ten Dance16 May 2019
In Memoriam Peter Pover, President of WDSF, 1997-9814 May 2019
Konstantin and Dominika Going Strong13 May 2019
SportAccord Day 411 May 2019
SportAccord Day 309 May 2019
SportAccord Day 209 May 2019
SportAccord Week in Gold Coast08 May 2019
2019 WDSF Asian Pacific Championship in Standard and Latin06 May 2019
Asian Pacific Championship Standard and Latin and World Cup Rock’n’Roll Highlight the Weekend02 May 2019
What a Month for DanceSport!29 April 2019
Happy International Dance Day!29 April 2019
Live stream from St. Petersburg, RUS28 April 2019
Competition Calendar Keeps on Rolling Towards May26 April 2019
New conditions for WDSF World Open24 April 2019
WDSF President holds fruitful discussions with IOC EB Member Ser Miang Ng23 April 2019
New names written to the list of title winners22 April 2019
Two title events, and a World Open with a live stream17 April 2019
Numbers and statistics of one WDSF competition weekend15 April 2019
Is it a record number of WDSF events during one weekend?11 April 2019
New European and World Champions in WRRC, and WDSF events in Europe08 April 2019
Congratulations Danmarks Sportsdanserforbund!06 April 2019
Full weekend of Standard and Latin, and Rock’n’Roll04 April 2019
WRRC Rock'n'Roll Formation European and World Championship04 April 2019
The sports programme for the World Urban Games 2019 revealed by GAISF, Breaking included03 April 2019
Two Partnerships Announced for the 2019 World Breaking Championship02 April 2019
WDSF and the Special Olympics reach an agreement02 April 2019
Summing up the last weekend of March01 April 2019
Three WDSF events on Saturday29 March 2019
IOC Executive Board gives thumbs up for Breaking at Paris 202427 March 2019
WDSF Adjudicators Congress for Hip Hop, Disco Dance and Stage Dance (Performing Art)25 March 2019
In memoriam Cees Boutkan25 March 2019
Technical delegates and judges for Nanjing25 March 2019
Goffredo-Matus and Bitsch-Williamson cleared the table 25 March 2019
How is DanceSport this weekend?22 March 2019
A Sports Commission decision19 March 2019
Five fantastic locations and events11 March 2019
Tokyo hosted the first 2019 PD Super GP Std10 March 2019
Live streams from Kyiv and Brno08 March 2019
NMBs are gearing up for the 2019 WDSF World Breaking Championship07 March 2019
The Best Sports Documentary Award 201904 March 2019
A review to last weekend25 February 2019
World Cup, World Open and International Opens this weekend22 February 2019
Paris 2024 calls for Breaking's Inclusion at the XXXIII Olympiad21 February 2019
Breaking Boom in Russia18 February 2019
Last weekend in short18 February 2019
Four WDSF International Opens during the weekend16 February 2019
Social Media Regulations15 February 2019
The Duel format at 2019 WDSF PD Super GrandPrix13 February 2019
DanceSport on TV12 February 2019
Antwerp in a Nutshell11 February 2019
The First Championship of the Year07 February 2019
A New Communication Channel02 February 2019
WDSF Announces 2019 WDSF World Breaking Championship23 January 2019
Dmitry and Olga at AOTY2018 top ten17 January 2019
Last moments to vote15 January 2019
The competition year 2019 has started11 January 2019
What to expect in 201907 January 2019
Vote for Dmitry and Olga06 January 2019
#WeAreDanceSport01 January 2019