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  • 2018 PD World ShowDance Latin

    2018 PD World Showdance Latin Champions are Alexandr Shmonin and Maria Shmonina, RUS, Daniele Sargenti - Uliana Fomenka, ITA, are first and Denis Kikhtenko - Galina Akopina, RUS, second runners-up in Chelyabinsk, RUS.

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  • Live From Chelyabinsk ... Again!

    With an opening ceremony that we expect to be every bit as spectacular as the one yesterday, the LIVE webcast from the 2018 WDSF World Showdance Latin starts at 14:30 UTC/GMT. An International Open Latin is shown too!

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  • Vezelis - Chatkeviciute Win PD World Cup STD

    Vezelis - Chatkeviciute, LTU, win the 2018 PD World Cup STD in Chelyabinsk, RUS, ahead of Segatori - Sudol, GER, by a margin of just over one point. Bitsch - Williamson, DEN, come in third in the contested final!

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  • The Show Continues In Chelyabinsk, RUS

    The final of the 2018 WDSF PD World Cup Standard is in fprogress  in Chelyabinsk, RUS. Don't miss a thing and tune into DanceSport Total DST for the last few dances. Rookie professionals go head to head with the new peers.

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  • Welcome To Chelyabinsk

    With the spectacular opening ceremony and a welcoming address by WDSF Presidium Member and Professional Division Director Verena Sulek, the 2018 WDSF PD World Cup Standard gets underway at the Yunost Sports Palace.

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  • Live From Chelyabinsk

    Live webcasts will be available from the Governor's Cup in Chelyabinsk, RUS,  today and tomorrow. A small WDSF Communications team is on location to provide coverage on the PD World Cup STD and the PD World Showdance LAT.

    06/04/2018 read more ...

Live From Leipzig | PD WCH LAT 22/10/2017


At least 34 couples from 16 nations joined the WDSF PD World Championship Latin in Leipzig / Germany. And the finalists are ...

1st place: Pavel Pasechnik - Marta Anrdt / Germany (329 points)

2nd place: Marts Smolko - tina Bazykina / Latvia (309 points)

3rd place: Hou Yao - Zhuang Ting / People`s Republic of China (292 points)

4th place: Saverio Loria - Zeudi Zanetti / Italy (276 points)

5th place: Alexandr Shmonin - Maria Shmonina / Russian Federation ( 266 points)

6th place: Juan Manuel Gomez - Marina Mangione / Spain (260 points)

Congratulations to all finalists!

See the interview with Pavel Pasechnik - Marta Arndt:

epXqj4NvNPs|ITV Pasechnik - Arndt, GER

See the video of the semi-final rounds ...

4Ldja7Jsyzk|2017 PD WCH LAT - Leipzig | The Semi-Final Reel | DanceSport Total

See the video of the final rounds ...

W2bqX5OJbyg|2017 PD WCH LAT | The Final Reel | DanceSport Total