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  • The fifth World title for Dmitry and Olga

    Another page was written to the history books, as Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova (RUS) secured their fifth World title, and the first one in WDSF Professional Division in Leipzig on Saturday.

    21/10/2019 read more ...
  • Live from...

    Two World title events this weekend as the 2019 WDSF PD World Championship Standard takes place in Leipzig (GER) and the 2019 WDSF World Championship Youth Ten Dance is in programme in Kyiv (UKR).

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  • The new Sports Series launched in Singapore

    Singapore hosted the first WDSF Sports Series event on August 24th 2019 under the title of WDSF Asia Sports Series Games Qualifiers.

    16/10/2019 read more ...
  • Three WDSF title events

    Bilbao (ESP) and Chisinau (MDA) hosted three WDSF title events in four days.

    14/10/2019 read more ...
  • The fourth European title for Dmitry and Olga

    After their successful debut in the Professional Division in August, Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova (RUS) started the 2019 WDSF PD European Championship as the favourites for the title.

    14/10/2019 read more ...
  • WDSF and WDSF PD titles up for grabs

    Another busy weekend ahead as the 2019 WDSF PD European Championship Standard, two WDSF World Championships and the 2019 WDSF European Championship Youth Standard highlight the following four days.

    11/10/2019 read more ...

DanceSport Asia Limited officially recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia 05/10/2019

DanceSport Asia Limited (DSA) logo

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has unanimously decided to grant official recognition to DanceSport Asia Limited (DSA) as the official continental body representing WDSF’s DanceSport Federations in Asia. In his letter, dated 30th September 2019, his Excellency Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, the President of OCA, stated that he and the OCA looked forward to cooperating with DSA in the promotion and development of the beautiful sport of DanceSport.

DanceSport Asia Limited, a newly-constituted and truly representative Asian Continental Federation for DanceSport held its inaugural meeting in Singapore on 25 August 2019.  DSA was legally created on July 19th in Singapore as a Company Limited by Guarantee.  

At the meeting of August 25th, the DSA Presidium was elected based on a democratic nomination process, with access to secret ballots and the ability of all delegates to speak freely.   A true testimony of the DSA’s principle of inclusiveness and broad participation, the DSA Presidium which was elected comprises delegates from 14 different countries and regions representing most of WDSF’s member bodies across Asia.

Since the Singapore General meeting of DSA, the remaining 6 of WDSF’s 20 Asian member bodies requested to join DSA.

As the sole officially recognised body for DanceSport under OCA in Asia, DSA will have opportunities for the inclusion of DanceSport in a range of Games including the Asian Youth Games and the Asian Games. WDSF believes that everyone in DSA will have a strong voice as WDSF’s Asian Continental DanceSport Federation. WDSF and DSA are committed to working hand in hand to promote and develop DanceSport on the Asian Continent.    

On behalf of WDSF, the WDSF President Shawn Tay sincerely congratulated DSA President Guochen Yin from China and General Secretary John Fam from Malaysia and all Asian members and delegates involved in achieving this momentous outcome.  Mr Tay and WDSF looked forward to working collaboratively with DSA to achieve the best possible governance for DanceSport in Asia to help to develop DanceSport to its fullest potential.