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  • Breaking Boom in Russia

    Almost two years have gone since Breaking was recognized by the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation as a sport discipline of DanceSport. It was a turning point.

    18/02/2019 read more ...
  • Review to the weekend

    A short review to the last weekend confirms how Standard and Latin are going strong in all over Europe. Successful international events with hundreds of couples brought light and shimmer to the venues in Lithuania, Austria, Italy, Malta and Russia.

    18/02/2019 read more ...
  • Weekend of International Opens

    Four WDSF International Open events attract couples to Kedainiai (LTU), Vosendorf (AUT), Prato (ITA) and Malta this weekend.

    16/02/2019 read more ...
  • Code of Conduct - Social Media

    The WDSF Sports Commission has informed NMBs, Adjudicators and Chairpersons of the inclusion of Social Media Regulations to the Adjudicator's Code of Conduct.

    15/02/2019 read more ...
  • The Duel Format at PD Super GrandPrix

    The competition format in 2019 WDSF PD Super GrandPrix finals will be the Duel format, as seen in 2018 WDSF GrandSlam Final in Shanghai.

    13/02/2019 read more ...
  • DanceSport on TV

    WDSF is working to promote DanceSport. We are growing our Social Media and spreading DanceSport in the internet. But that is not all. We still have one more media to focus on to complete the coverage: television.

    12/02/2019 read more ...

Last moments to vote 15/01/2019

It has been interesting two weeks. With a slow start Dmitry and Olga started climbing up the numbers and now they are really on the verge of continuing to top 10 - or to be the first ones to be cut from the final shortlist.

We are talking about a margin of only about 100 votes.

Surely we can all make the effort and vote for the couple today. To vote for DanceSport.

Because today, at 21:00 CET there will be a cut - only the ten with the most votes will continue to run for the World Games Athlete of the Year 2018 -title.

Let's do this, together! Let's do it for the four-times World Champions. Let's do it for DanceSport!

Vote here!

If you are wondering what this all is about, take a look at these two previous articles:
Article 1: Dmitry and Olga nominated for AOTY voting
Article 2: Vote for Dmitry and Olga

eOe8JXvskzk|Zharkov and Kulikova - Passion - Athlete of the Year Candidate