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  • Breaking Congress A Success, Standard/Latin Up Next

    WDSF to continue offering free educational opportunities to all dancers.

    22/06/2021 read more ...
  • Academy presents: Standard and Latin Athletes┬┤ Online Congress!

    Good news: educational initiative at zero cost for our athletes!

    14/06/2021 read more ...
  • WDSF to Hold 3-Day Breaking Congress in June

    The virtual workshops will be free and open to all b-boys and b-girls worldwide.

    09/06/2021 read more ...
  • Information On Candidacies For WDSF Elections

    Deadline for submissions is 12 June 2021 at 24:00 CET

    18/05/2021 read more ...
  • Adjudicators┬┤ Online  Congress for Hip Hop, Disco Dance and Stage Dance

    The second congress for these disciplines, this time online!

    14/05/2021 read more ...
  • Sochi to host WDSF European Breaking Championships

    The event will be held inside the Olympic Park from 26-27 June.

    06/05/2021 read more ...

Unacceptable 22/09/2016

Petter Engan - Kine Mardal, NOR © h-avis Dancers have been coming to China for years to take part in wold-level competitions that are held regularly under the auspices of WDSF all around the country. Recent World Championships in Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu come to mind. And the GrandSlam leg in Wuhan plus the GrandSlam Finals in Shanghai have become permanent fixtures in the WDSF calendar. That makes it all the more incomprehensible that - all of the sudden - some athletes applying for their visa at Embassies and Consulates of the People's Republic of China in different countries are denied visa and therefore entry into the country on inexplicable grounds ...

The members of the WDSF Communications team made their own experiences with the new (and frankly: very erratic) policies that seem to govern visa issuance since March 2016 (when they had applied last). A news item was published on it: click here!

We learned today that at least one couple was finally unable to travel: Petter Engan - Kine Mardal,  who were supposed to represent Norway here in Chengdu, will not dance on Saturday. They tell their story on Facebook. A good thing that the Norwegian media take up on their story too!